Phuket: Weekend Beach-Hopping

Whenever I hear Phuket, I remember Leo’s movie “The Beach”. I’ve always dreamed of going and seeing the place they call “paradise”. As a beach-goer, Phuket is on top of my beaches-to-see list and it definitely did not disappoint. Read on to know the location of Phuket’s “secret” beaches! 

Scotland: Edinburgh City

This entry is way too overdue! I have nothing but good words about this side of the Kingdom. We fondly called this place “the North” as it is located in the northern part of the country and could get pretty cold at times! If you’re a fan of GOT, then you know what we mean….

#HUGOT Moments When Traveling Solo

I traveled solo for 8 days in Coron and Culion in July 2015, some six months ago and though it was originally a get-him-back movement of mine, I ended up broken-hearted and alone in an island so far away from my friends and family. So much for a first-timer. As much as it didn’t turn…

The Island of No Return – Culion 3D2N

Tagged as the Leper Colony of the Philippines, Culion has a rich history that goes way back in 1906 when the island was established by the US government in order to rid leprosy from the Philippine islands through the only method known at the time: isolating all existing cases and gradually phasing out the disease…

Beach Escape: Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

A few hours away from Manila, Puerto Galera is a sight to behold with shimmering seas surrounded by a lush of green mountains. It is considered as the best diving site in the Philippines. 

Island Hopping in El Nido – Tour A and Tour C

Life starts at 9AM for everyone in El Nido, but for us two, our day started at 6AM taking all in the early morning scenery filled with tranquility. This entry will be about all the island tours we took and all the wonderful activities and experiences we had.

When you think God disappointed you…

..think again! I thought this was it. I thought this was his testimony of God’s faithfulness to him, only to be slapped by the harsh reality that this just wasn’t his time. All our efforts have gone to waste. Four months of flying back and forth…all gone to waste. When I received the news, I…

Where am I?

Hello everyone! I haven’t been updating for the past few months as I have been really hectic at work given that I’ve resigned and had to finish transition all the while processing my papers for my work abroad. So where am I now? What am I doing?

UK Experience: London Part II

Did you know that I was also planning to go to London around this time of the year? My former team lead used to work in Oracle and she was based in London. She knew how obsessed I was with the place and she was planning to invite us as tourists…. if I remembered it…