UK Experience: First Look at London

Upon Arriving in London Heathrow We lined up in the immigration and submitted our passports and supporting documents as a group. The immigration had a few questions like how many weeks we were staying, which company etc. After the short interrogation, she took all of our passports, stamped on it and said, “Welcome to UK”….

To Travel Alone in Coron UPDATE

It’s final! I will be in Coron on July 11-16, probably working remotely around 13-14 if there’s any wifi available. I got my tickets from 2GO Shipping lines for only 288php MNL-Coron (they have a 5php sale right now!) and 1203php from Cebu Pacific Busuanga-MNL. I can’t wait!

You are the expert, can you or can you not do it?

Writer and filmmaker Lauris Beinerts beautifully captures what it’s like to be an expert in a technical field during a “big picture” business meeting. This short film is based on the Russian short story, “The Meeting”, by writer Alexei Berezin. I hope you can relate and enjoy watching. πŸ™‚  

Go out there!

Lately I’ve been having dreams of work and it depresses me every waking day. Fear wraps me up early in the morning which makes me tooooo tired and lazy to go to the office. It’s so toxic I just want to get away from all of it. It’s a very critical time where everyone is…

Almost Ending

My ten-day vacation is almost coming to an end, I have two more days left before going back to Manila and leaving the province. God only knows when I can come back, I do hope I can spend New Year with the fambam. This vacation allows me to spend time with my family, friends and…