UK Experience: London Part II

Did you know that I was also planning to go to London around this time of the year? My former team lead used to work in Oracle and she was based in London. She knew how obsessed I was with the place and she was planning to invite us as tourists…. if I remembered it…

10 Things I Love most in UK

I’m supposed to write a reaaaally long entry about the UK experience, but I’ll save it for next time when I can sit down for hours and write and relive all the magic. For now, I’m sharing you my top 10 UK favorites! Do take note if you have plans of visiting UK in the future!

Who or What is your Isaac?

I’ve been really feeling tired for the past couple of weeks and I’ve been putting off some activities to go out and meet friends instead. This weekend alone, I could count the hours I’ve spent inside the house with my fingers – an alarming rate, given that I am a homebody and an introvert. 

When in La Union: Surfing and Beach-Bummin’

Well, it was the long weekend and we had nothing to do so we decided to learn how to surf….in La Union! With no reserved accommodation, and with no idea that the bus ride would take 7-hours, we found ourselves in the coastline of San Juan, La Union – the surfing capital of the province….

When God Crushes Your Pride

I grew up in a family that always assured me that I am beautiful, wanted and needed. All my life, I never struggled about having low self-esteem and insecurity. I have been an achiever since I was in kindergarten – winning draw and tell contests at a young age, coming in the top ten of…