El Nido Experience

Physically present, but mentally absent. Yes, that’s what I am right now. I’m back in Manila but I think I left my soul in El Nido. To say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement. I’m more than overwhelmed and I have no coherent words to describe how awesome that island is! I know I’ve made travel…

Island Hopping in El Nido – Tour A and Tour C

Life starts at 9AM for everyone in El Nido, but for us two, our day started at 6AM taking all in the early morning scenery filled with tranquility. This entry will be about all the island tours we took and all the wonderful activities and experiences we had.

Going to El Nido and Climbing Taraw

We woke up pretty early to catch the bus going to El Nido at 6 AM. We looked like kids going on their first field trip, we were that excited!

Of Tan Lines and Salty Hair in El Nido, Palawan

I just had the best travel adventure of my life with my best friend in an unspoiled paradise and I brought home a lot of good memories, and a thousand stilled moments. It was such an amazing experience that I am still suffering from severe separation anxiety. Brrr.