I honestly don’t know how, what, and where to start. This was a trip of a lifetime and whenever I look back and browse through my photos, I still couldn’t process how God had made my dream come true and how He gave it so freely and easily. Year after year, I’ve written and prayed…

10 Things I Love most in UK

I’m supposed to write a reaaaally long entry about the UK experience, but I’ll save it for next time when I can sit down for hours and write and relive all the magic. For now, I’m sharing you my top 10 UK favorites! Do take note if you have plans of visiting UK in the future!

When Souls Collide on March 27

It’s funny how life and time work together to unfold the most amazing events in the universe and sometimes, you catch yourself in between – tiny but significant. 

Be Still My Heart

It’s funny how things and circumstances unfold so sudden that you had no time to step back and look through in a different perspective. I was browsing my resume just this Sunday and was thinking of updating my profiles in different job-seeking sites but decided to close the document and went back to sleeping. I…