When you think God disappointed you…

..think again! I thought this was it. I thought this was his testimony of God’s faithfulness to him, only to be slapped by the harsh reality that this just wasn’t his time. All our efforts have gone to waste. Four months of flying back and forth…all gone to waste. When I received the news, I…

Phuket: Weekend Beach-Hopping

Whenever I hear Phuket, I remember Leo’s movie “The Beach”. I’ve always dreamed of going and seeing the place they call “paradise”. As a beach-goer, Phuket is on top of my beaches-to-see list and it definitely did not disappoint. Read on to know the location of Phuket’s “secret” beaches! 

Unexpectedly… Malaysia

It seemed ages since I last wrote here, and I’ve missed my yearly tradition of recapping the past year. I’ve been so caught up at the changes in my life and celebrated new year at KL and had spent the last few days of 2017 on training. But here goes. 

Where am I?

Hello everyone! I haven’t been updating for the past few months as I have been really hectic at work given that I’ve resigned and had to finish transition all the while processing my papers for my work abroad. So where am I now? What am I doing?

Bali: Island of the Gods

God knows how much I like the beach and Bali has never been my dream destination until I stepped foot on it a week ago. Everything is still a dream to me – the calm and relaxation that Ubud boasts surrounded by green fields and luscious forests, the chill vibe that makes up Seminyak and…