Enchanting Baler 2D1N

A municipality located in the north-eastern part of Luzon, Baler boasts the nine-feet waves that made the place a top surfing spot. Aside from that, it hosts astounding geographic formations and views that make your heart skip beats. Baler, probably for me, is the very example of “gandang di mo inakala”. I never had expectations…

Travel How-To: Iloilo to Bacolod

I know this is a very generic question and we’ve got easy answers for this – take a fast craft! But let me tell you specifically how I got to Bacolod via Ilo-ilo for the first time. Since the holiday airfares were skyrocketing toย di makatarungan amounts, I opted to buy a ticket going home via…

Beach Escape: Fortune Island

Want a taste of Greece without securing a Schengen visa? Check out Fortune Island, off the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas.ย 

When in La Union: Surfing and Beach-Bummin’

Well, it was the long weekend and we had nothing to do so we decided to learn how to surf….in La Union! With no reserved accommodation, and with no idea that the bus ride would take 7-hours, we found ourselves in the coastline of San Juan, La Union – the surfing capital of the province….

The Island of No Return – Culion 3D2N

Tagged as the Leper Colony of the Philippines, Culion has a rich history that goes way back in 1906 when the island was established by the US government in order to rid leprosy from the Philippine islands through the only method known at the time: isolating all existing cases and gradually phasing out the disease…