Posts He’ll never Read: Glad You’re Back

And so I’ve heard you’re back. No, I didn’t ask. I stopped asking two months ago. I just found myself opening a message in the Facebook chat and your friend telling me you’re back and if there’s anything I wanted to say. Nope, there’s none. Right now, everything about you is irrelevant. Though, there’s one…

To the Man Who Will Choose Me

My heart has been broken, and it has band-aids all over. I don’t need you to fix it, but I want you to accept it just as it is. If you find a crack where you can glue your love in between, do so. I have spent a great time and deal to fix it…

I Would Cross Oceans for You, my Love

Look what I had found in my documents, just sharing. They said don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for you, but I did and the moment I stepped foot on the island I have never heard before, I found myself staring at nothing and inhaling all the oxygen that I could. 

Life Lately

I spent the holidays back in my hometown – in the comfort of my wonderful family and friends. Though I was excited to see familiar faces and places, I was scared that I might be overwhelmed of the fact that he isn’t back home and there was no way we’ll ever see each other ever…

#5 I became more human.

I thought I had it all figured out – we’ll be working hard, climb the corporate ladder, go abroad, buy a house, start a family, and do whatever we are passionate about. I saw myself as Mrs. M in the future which was why I held on and kept pushing for that relationship to work….