Day 67

Sometimes, I find myself staring into space. Then there’s that feeling of sadness. And fear. And anxiety. And the desire to escape and start anew.

Day 66

Look what it did to me. Whenever I hear or see Coron in photos, my heart sinks and then there’s this wave of emotions like nostalgia, regret, sadness and a fleeting memory of who we used to be. 

Day 65

I know your mind runs wild to try to comprehend everything that’s been happening for the last five months. You’ve tried your best to find answers and close the doors. The plane ticket, the fake ID, the people you’ve met, the photos you took, the beautiful islands you wanted to come back to; all these…

Day 64

He unfriended me on Facebook. This might be the last blow. He’ll have the honor of my tears one last time. 

Day 62

You should know that when you’ve had your heart broken, you become more aware of everything happening in your life, in your community, in the world. You develop traits that softens your hard and cold soul. You become more selfless, compassionate, patient, kind. You tear up easily to painful stories because you know how it…