To the Girl he Loves from the Girl he Loved

I never heard anything about you but I’ve checked your Facebook profile a couple of times and read comment after comment just to get a glimpse of who you are. Maybe because I wanted to know if he fell into a pattern; if there was something about you that reminded him of me when we…

Day 71

It’s been six months now and I may not be there but I’m one step closer than I was yesterday. I’ve come to a decision that starting today, the posts for the days ahead will not be about him nor my love for him. It will be about my journey, my new-found love, my present…

Day 70

I feel sad; not regrets but sadness. When I think of him, of us, it doesn’t make me flinch with pain anymore. It’s becoming like a fleeting memory – so distant that it’s bound to be forgotten. It’s like remembering your favorite toy back you were four years old. You remember but you don’t dwell…

Day 69

Slowly but surely, we’ll get back to that level of happiness. I’m excited!

Day 68

I have a feeling the next guy I will love will be really loved well.