London, my love.

London, my love. I can’t wait for God to let me see you and hold you and smell you and just experience you. When I get the chance to actually go there and have a real picture taken, I’ll go back to this day when I have only dreamed of you.

In another universe..

Maybe in another universe, we’ll be this funky. Maybe in another universe, we’ll be in love.  

Of Missing You

  I miss you. I miss the familiarity. The face. The voice. The warmth. I miss the good and the bad times. I miss the late night talks and the afternoon walks. I miss the arguments and the inside jokes. I miss the friendship and more. My wonderwall.

Past and Future

This is probably the saddest, most heart-breaking write-up I have ever read in my whole life. Β It’s like talking to each one of us – a mixed emotion and a feeling between regret and happiness for the person you once loved or admired before. It’s being glad that from someone so immature, he has become…