Phuket: Weekend Beach-Hopping

Whenever I hear Phuket, I remember Leo’s movie “The Beach”. I’ve always dreamed of going and seeing the place they call “paradise”. As a beach-goer, Phuket is on top of my beaches-to-see list and it definitely did not disappoint.

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Read on to know the location of Phuket’s “secret” beaches!Β 

I flew to Phuket on a Friday night from KLIA, an hour and half flight, arriving at 10:30PM at the airport, and around 12midnight at the doorstep of my hotel. The travel time from the airport to Patong Beach was around an hour.

I only had the weekend to see the place and didn’t have time to make a proper itinerary. I noted three things – beach, food and massage!

It was raining hard when I arrived and I was actually worried that it will rain the whole weekend and that what happened in Bali will be happening again in Phuket, in short, we stayed in!

God loves me so much though, I woke up on a sunny Saturday morning. We started moving at 8:30AM and most shops were still closed so we decided to rent a motorcycle, eat breakfast and start exploring the beaches.

We started at Patong Beach, the main tourist area. It didn’t look as mesmerizing, so we decided to drive further down south.
First stop: Karon Beach — 15minute drive from Patong Beach, this is where we enjoyed the beach the most. We plunged into the clear water and enjoyed the waves, the sand and the sun.

Our second stop was in Kata beach, another 10minutes drive away from Karon. It’s a bit smaller compared to the latter and there was a lot of crowd sunbathing. We didn’t stay long as it was really hot already (as in tirik!), so we drove further to the next one.

Third Stop: Nai Harn Beach — this is where we found the first secret beach.

Most people would stop at the Nai Harn beach (see that coastline in the photo?), but what most people don’t know is, if you drive a little further, the road inside the Nai Harn Hotel is actually a public road (not a private one!). So drive down the road and you will reach Ao Sane.

Fourth Stop: Ao Sane — our first secret beach! Upon reaching Ao Sane, park your motorcycle and walk down the beach. There’s a little restaurant where you can have lunch or drinks. The sand isn’t as fine as the other beaches, but the “privacy” made up for it.
While driving back to Nai Harn Beach from Ao Sane, you will pass by this beautiful overlooking sunset bar. Stop and order some refreshments while enjoying the view.
Fifth Stop: Freedom Beach — second secret beach. We actually tried to find this one early in the morning but we thought we were at the wrong path as the road looked a bit dangerous and it led to the mountains so we skipped it and drove to Karon Beach. While on our way home, we decided to give it a try and just charge everything to experience if it turned out non-existent.

The locals confirmed we were at the right path, so we followed the map. It took around 20-min of driving in rocky and bumpy road. We kept saying, “This better be worth it!”. When we reached the pin on the map, we were puzzled. “Where the hell’s the beach?” Two men told us to park down (pay 50baht) and hike down the mountain. He even offered us to buy a water bottle and we were like, “Nah, we’re okay!”… only to regret that decision minutes after taking down the path.

Another 10minutes of hiking down the mountain and regretting this decision while still hopeful that this beach is one of the best, we finally made it! I know the photo above may look like this beach is just another beach, but we were definitely amazed by how beautiful it looked while the sun was getting ready to call it a day! The golden ray made everything more magical. The water was clear and the sand was soft and very fine! There were only maybe 10-20 people lounging around. You know what we said, “It was worth it!” It was worth the hike down and up (the hike back to the parking lot was ridiculously tiring!).

Last stop, we drove back to Karon Beach and waited for the sunset. Karon Beach is the best spot to go sunset-watching and God was obviously showing off. πŸ™‚
Probably one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in my whole life – look at the colors playing in the sky!

BONUS! Of course, you can’t leave Phuket without experiencing what they’re really famous for in addition to the beaches — food and massage!! Food usually costs around 200-700PHP depending on where you eat and how much your budget is. As for the massage, it’s usually 200-400PHP for one hour, full body. It was so satisfying that I had it twice (one in the evening, and one in the afternoon the next day).

Tom Yum, Fried Rice in Pineapple, Stir-fry seafood, and Pad Thai

I was supposed to make a Phuket travel vlog, but my data got wiped out when I connected my phone to my macbook and stupidly agreed to “recovering” the backup data thinking it will merge my current and my old data. Luckily I was able to save some photos in my Lightroom app.

We’ll be coming back for sure so stay tuned! Lol

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  1. frejatravels says:

    woww.. nice pictures. I hate Phuket as it was really crowded… Been there 3 times and still do not like it. However if I go there next I will hunt to your secret beach.. it looks nice and not many people. thanks for sharing

    1. Maybe it depends on the season. I think if tourists will take the island hopping tours, they will really find it crowded. But for the beaches in Phuket island itself (not by island hopping tours), it has an okay crowd. Not too much. πŸ™‚ So many beaches you can just choose where to lounge, some have less crowd.

      1. frejatravels says:

        Yes, I personally prefer a quiter beach. Aonang and Phang ga bay was nice. But if I go to Phuket again, I will definetely check your secret beach:)

  2. KathyLDN says:

    Nice photos! I really miss Phuket too… just went there in March and recently published a blog on it πŸ˜‰ If you have time, please visit my blog:

  3. Soumya says:

    Wow, so amazing Kim! I love seeing these photos and hearing about an area I have never seen and most likely will never visit!!!! It is so much fun to hear about beaches and adventures!

    1. Go do visit πŸ™‚ It’s beautiful!

  4. lorraineanne says:

    Wow first of all, that camera quality is superb. It looks like you had a lot of fun im glad you shared! A place to definitely add to my bucketlist!

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