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I honestly don’t know how, what, and where to start. This was a trip of a lifetime and whenever I look back and browse through my photos, I still couldn’t process how God had made my dream come true and how He gave it so freely and easily.

Year after year, I’ve written and prayed about seeing London in my faith goals. I’ve been very vocal about it to my friends, to my family and even to my colleagues. I’ve received “London” gifts every year on my birthday – notebooks, pen, postcards, shirts, bags, anything with London prints. I’ve made Big Ben as my desktop wallpaper to remind myself, whenever I got stressed in work, to keep my eyes focused on the goal and the prize. It was my way of de-stressing and finding reasons to love my job.

There were days when I’d get so desperate and frustrated that I was considering volunteering in Camphill (like friends I know) or moving to another country and from there enter UK. But God always told me to “Be still and wait”. I’ve always known I’d see London, I didn’t know when or how but I’ve always prayed that if it wasn’t in my destiny to experience it, then it would have been better if God removed all the desires. He never did, so I held on and prayed some more.

This 2016, after a messy and heartbreaking 2015, I promised myself to dream bigger and my friend reminded me that the things I should list down in my faith goals should be almost impossible to achieve by myself, and would only be achieved by God’s grace and power. So I wrote down again, “Travel to London” with a clear knowledge that this is impossible to be achieved this year.

For my faith journey and faith testimonial, please do read my entry in Beautifully Waiting. I owed Pepz an entry when I got my visa approved. She knew how much I prayed for this and she was really happy to know that it was finally answered!

So where do I start?

  1. Process of applying UK visa
  2. Flight to London aboard Cathay Pacific via Hongkong (oh this one was interesting!)
  3. All firsts in London, like the first time I saw the Big Ben, the London Eye, Picadilly Circus etc
  4. Leicester, Leicestershire
  5. Training
  6. Stonehenge, Windsor, Cambridge experience
  7. Scotland and the Highlands
  8. Birmingham
  9. Flight back to Philippines aboard Cathay Pacific via Hongkong again
  10. Jetlag – horrifying jetlag

I hope I’ll finish everything today. 🙂

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  1. just happy you got to experience God’s sweetest thing!

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