When Souls Collide on March 27


It’s funny how life and time work together to unfold the most amazing events in the universe and sometimes, you catch yourself in between – tiny but significant. 

March 27 marked my first love. It held everything what I’ve believed about first loves – innocence, the belief that love lasts forever, the first hug, the kiss under the pale orange sky with the sun getting ready to say goodbye, everything I thought love would be and everything that was proven wrong.

As we closed our chapter after six years of being on and off, I dreaded the many firsts that I’ve marked in the calendar without him. The first Christmas, the first New Year, the first Valentine’s, the first March 27.

In the span of six months from the day he decided he wanted nothing to do with my life, and after doing everything to heal myself, the dreaded dates turned out to be even better than I originally thought it would.

It was spent with friends, family, and with someone whom I never thought whose soul would collide with mine. He claimed March 27 with confidence, with love, with respect, and with faith. Was it coincidental? I don’t know. Was it fate? Probably. Was it funny? Yes, as if heaven was playing jokes on me.

I woke up the next morning replaying what was said the night before. On the same date. In a different situation. From a different man. With different emancipated feelings.

I couldn’t even remember how I felt seven years ago on the same date and I could only care less. What’s important is the now, the here, the present.

The first time I heard the 8-letter-3-words from the guy I never imagined would say such things, I bit my lip. I was at loss for words. My mind raced to find reasons why he would say such a thing. Did I do anything to trigger something? Was it the awkward situation we were in? Or was it the overflowing of the heart?

I found myself staring at him in disbelief. There was no pounding of the heart. No butterflies swarming my stomach. No electricity running down my spine. But there was genuine happiness. Happiness and disbelief rolled into one. There was no need for any justification why he would say it sooner than I thought he would. I was happy, I was at peace and these are all that mattered at that very exact minute.

Maybe I’ll say it back soon. Maybe not. Or maybe there would be no need for words anymore. But one thing’s for sure, my soul recognized him long before his soul did.

– – – – – Submitted. 

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