Posts He’ll never Read: Glad You’re Back

And so I’ve heard you’re back. No, I didn’t ask. I stopped asking two months ago.

I just found myself opening a message in the Facebook chat and your friend telling me you’re back and if there’s anything I wanted to say. Nope, there’s none. Right now, everything about you is irrelevant.

Though, there’s one thing – yes, one thing I wanted to know.

How does it feel to be the one to leave a place and the person you love? To count the days of seeing her smile and hearing her laughs again? To be content of the text messages, the chats, the Facebook comments and the phone calls? To wonder whether love’s really enough to keep the relationship going? To fear the ugly truth that the sparks you were looking for and had found would burn out and leave you wounded and hurt in the long run?

How does it feel to hope that something magical and real may come out of that relationship you have chosen?

I hope you realized how hard it is to leave a place and the person you love. I hope you realize what we all went through to keep the relationship going. I hope you realize that long distance relationship is no joke. I hope you realize that, in case you see each other in the future, you two won’t be the same people that you once were before.

And I hope that amidst the changes, you’ll still find yourself falling for her over and over again. I wish she will too.

I’m happy you’re home. But are you really?


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  1. XX says:

    Being far from each other really sucks and could really be the reason why couples fall out of love. But IMHO, it’s not really about the distance. It’s about the CHOICES both of you make for your love to stay.

    If one can wait or stay strong why can’t the other? Because the truth is he/she chose to leave and not to stay. He/she chose to love you even more while you two are apart.

    Love is an every-minute choice.

    1. XX says:

      Edit: He / she chose *not to love…

    2. At the end of the day, it’s always about CHOICES and COMMITMENT.

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