Travel How-To: Iloilo to Bacolod

I know this is a very generic question and we’ve got easy answers for this – take a fast craft! But let me tell you specifically how I got to Bacolod via Ilo-ilo for the first time.

Take a walk.png

Since the holiday airfares were skyrocketing to di makatarungan amounts, I opted to buy a ticket going home via Ilo-ilo (MNL-Iloilo) through PAL. I got it only for 1736php, a good deal and more than half compared to Cebu Pacific’s 5000++ direct flight from MNL-Bcd. 

Please tell me why Bacolod’s flights are always booked and expensive.


  1. Plane lands at Iloilo International Airport, which is a good 30-minute drive away from the city itself (with no traffic). Sometimes it takes an hour and half to get to the city due to traffic. So plan your travel time and avoid the rush hour.
  2. There are metered taxi and rented taxi just outside the airport lobby. Just request for a metered taxi. It usually amounts to 400php and sometimes they would ask you if they can hitch another passenger. Ask how the payment should be. I was asked to pay for the full amount when I thought I was supposed to share it with the other passenger. Then they would ask you to add another 60php, on top of the metered fare. All in all, I paid 400php while the rented taxi cost 600php. I guess that’s okay eh?
  3. Don’t forget to tell the taxi driver your destination – port going to Bacolod (they know where it is).
  4. The different ticketing offices of fast-craft companies line up at the right side. You can check the earliest schedule and line up to get a ticket (OceanJet, Weesam, 2GO).
  5. Make sure to ready your ID and hand it over the to the ticket officer. Fares start at 360php, they have student and senior citizen discounts so be sure to bring an ID.
  6. They have aircon and non-aircon seats and travel time takes 1.5hrs.
  7. Pay for the terminal fee of 20php and wait at the boarding area.
  8. Board the boat.

After 1.5 hours, you’ll find yourself at the shores of Bacolod. You can try hanging out at the non-aircon area (if you ever choose Weesam) and take photos of Guimaras and the Iloilo skyline from afar.

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