To the Girl he Loves from the Girl he Loved


I never heard anything about you but I’ve checked your Facebook profile a couple of times and read comment after comment just to get a glimpse of who you are. Maybe because I wanted to know if he fell into a pattern; if there was something about you that reminded him of me when we were apart. After what seemed like an endless scrolling, I’m pretty sure there was none. 

Maybe he resented me so much that he fell in love with a total opposite of who I am and for that, I kind of hate you already.

There’s probably no way we’ll ever meet in this lifetime, moreover become friends but I want you to know that even though it hurt, thank you.

Thank you for being available when he was looking for love.

Thank you for bringing him happiness – the kind he has forgotten for so many years.

Thank you that you have been looking out for him, especially now that he’s miles away from home and family.

Thank you for showering care and kindness. He is a man with a beautiful soul and he deserves all the good in the world.

Thank you for being there by his side, for being the support that he needs when the ride of life gets rough. He’s had it tough and I am glad that you are there to ease the burden and lessen the pain.

Thank you for loving him in ways I couldn’t, and I hope you continue to do so.

I hope you learn him as much as I am trying to unlearn him for the past six months. I hope you will be patient with him during those times he avoids to talk about the problem. I hope you kiss away all those fears and doubts clouding his mind about greatness. I hope you laugh at his corniest jokes and listen to the love songs he wants to sing. I hope you give him the love that he deserves because yes, he deserves that much and so much more. I hope you make him the happiest person in the world and love him with his demons and with none.

I miss him, but I know that I don’t want him back so please don’t ever be intimidated nor let insecurity eat you away because of the past he and I shared.

You are in his present for a purpose while I will continue to stay and be buried in the past.

While we keep a good amount of distance and coldness towards each other, I know someday when things are better, we’ll find ourselves reconnecting and laughing over those memories we once shared and brushing off the pain of the messy breakup that we had.

I hope you’ll be cool with that, because I don’t see any reasons why not. He has chosen you and he’ll stand firm on that decision because, believe me, no matter how unrecognizable he has become, I know he’s still that kind of man.

I hope you realize how lucky you are to find a love as beautiful as that one. I hope you never put him through any shit, and I hope you’ll never let him go.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a message!

    This is one of the best composition I have read in your Heartstrings series, (maybe next to that Caterpillar thing to be exact). So happy that you can now say those things to your nemesis. I bet, 6 months ago these words are hard to utter. But look at you now, you have grown a lot. Your inner strength, self respect and maturity are growing day by day.

    Keep it up and hope to see more of these composition. I am sure this is worthy of a spot in Thought Catalog or Artparasites.

    1. Hi there my favorite Anon! 🙂 Thanks for reading and showering me with encouraging words that make writing even so much fun. I’m honestly looking forward to your comments and I haven’t been able to reply for the past few comments you’ve posted. Apologies.

      Truth to be told, I never saw the other girl or the ex as the nemesis, though I would admit I kind of hated her but not to the point that I considered them as enemies. Life is too short to make enemies, lol. But don’t mind what I’m saying.

      I’m not that okay okay, but I’m getting there, like I can feel it that I’m going to be really okay very soon. It’s becoming easier to go through the days without feeling heavy or what.

      Amazing things happen when we let God carry our burdens.

      I tried submitting this to TC, but I never got a reply that this was posted sooooo I dunno, lol

    2. Anon says:

      Oh, you finally responded to my comments. And I got a new name also? How cool is that!. Lol! 😅😅

      Well, moving on? You are already there! Just try to look at the tone of your previous compositions, all I can see now is a happy and strong lady behind every words.

      You see, it is easy to move on. Just let time heal that wounds he brought you. Days will become months and months will become years. And sooner or later he will just become a tiny blip in your memory. Lol..

      Cheers to good life ahead!

  2. Anon says:

    Finally you responded to my comments. And I got a new name also! How cool is that! Lol!

    Moving-on? You are already there! Just look at the tone of your previous compositions. All I can see now is happy and strong lady behind each words. You see, you just need some time to heal all those wounds he have brought you. Days now became months and months will become years and sooner or later he will just become a tiny blip in your memory.

    Just keep the faith strong and let Him help you carry your cross.
    Cheers to a good life ahead!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh you finally responded! Lol.. ! And I got some new name also? Is it cool!?😅😅

    Well, i think you have moved-on already. Just take a look of your previous posts. The tone now are way better than 6 months ago!. All I can see now is a strong and happy lady behind each words.

    You see, just let time heal the wounds he brought you. Days now became months and it will soon become years. Sooner or later, he will just be a tiny blip in your memory.

    Have a great day ahead!

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