Christmas Wishlist 2015

As I grow a little older and as adult life rounds up in reality, my Christmas wishlist changed from asking teddy bears to kitchenware sets to gifts no amount of money could buy.

I’ll just list down the items that I want for this Christmas that can be bought in stores. 😉 

Kitchen Knife (or the set)

Ever since I started learning how to cook, I’ve always wanted to buy a new set of kitchen knives, if only it isn’t that expensive.

Cookan Kitchen Pans

These kitchen pans are to die for! It’s diamond coated and non-stick which makes it very easy to clean up and food doesn’t get burned. A girl can dream.

Wine rack

Somewhere to put our cheap wines.

300 thread count white garter bed sheets

Because adulthood.

Life application Bible

A life application or a study Bible.

Scarves, scarves, scarves

A girl can never have enough. 😉

I will sincerely appreciate any gifts.. even the ones that are not on this list, okay? Hahaha!

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