Where You At: Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

I’ve never been to that side of BGC before, and when I have, I wanted to come back as much as possible. The Forum in BGC is composed of wonderful wonderful establishments that offer a good dine and wine experience and Sarsa Restaurant is one of the best.

Sarsa is a Filipino restaurant that mainly specializes in Bacolod dishes and as someone who was from Bacolod and now lived far away with only a number of visits in a year, to have the choice to eat Bacolod food whenever you miss home, seemed like heaven just came down on earth. 

It was a Tuesday night and we were craving for some dessert and decided to check out Cafe Seolhwa in BGC. As we were getting off from the car, we saw Sarsa and we looked at each other – the kind of look that says, ‘let’s go grab dinner first!’.

I didn’t know Sarsa Kitchen’s cook was from Bacolod so to step in and to smell that familiar Bacolod food court aroma, I swear it made me want to book a ticket and go back home to Bacolod. It was nostalgic in every sense of the word!

And to see their menu filled with Bacolod foods such as chicken inasal, chicken isaw, cansi etc, I was ecstatic. I wished I could have brought more money to try all the foods in their menu.

We only ordered 3 dishes: chicken isaw (chicken intestine), sizzling cansi (Bacolod’s bulalo) and tortang talong (eggplant omelette).

Tortang Talong
Sizzling Cansi
Chicken Isaw

For my fellow Bacolodnons who miss all the good food Bacolod offers, check out Sarsa Restaurant in The Forum, BGC and allow them to bring you back home through your taste buds.

BGC branch: Unit 1-7 Forum South Global, Federacion Dr cor 7th Ave | Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Luzon, Philippines

Makati branch: Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Cost: 1000php for 2-3 people

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  1. sileas says:

    Oh that looks yummy!

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