Day 70

I feel sad; not regrets but sadness. When I think of him, of us, it doesn’t make me flinch with pain anymore. It’s becoming like a fleeting memory – so distant that it’s bound to be forgotten. It’s like remembering your favorite toy back you were four years old. You remember but you don’t dwell on it anymore. And that makes me sad. This was my favorite person, my treasured memories and it’s fading. One by one. Gone. Someday, I may not write about him anymore. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There are millions of ways how you will still get hurt after finally accepting reality.
    Although my mother is gone for a quite time now, there are still some moments that I feel that sting of sadness.
    Yes, I already accepted it years ago but the feeling of longing is still there.

    I long for her every time I see a mother and child walking in the mall.
    I long for her every time I see a complete family dining together.
    I long for her every now and then. But life goes on for me.

    Yes, that sting will always be there.
    But always take it as reminder of how you picked-up the pieces of you after it was completely broken.
    Cheers for a great life ahead!

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