#2 Thank God for real friends.

I never realized I had a good support system until this breakup happened. I wasn’t really a very open person. There are only a few people who understand the real me and know what it takes to get me talking about my deepest thoughts and feelings. It would take them a lot of questioning, and not just simple questions, but the right ones.

The moment I stepped foot inside my apartment, my best friend (who’s sharing a room with me), ran and hugged me tightly. All the tears that I kept at bay during my so-called closure trip of 8 days came pouring in. I didn’t hear anything such as ‘move on, he’s such an asshole, you don’t deserve him anyways’, but I heard wonderful advices that didn’t degrade me, my actions nor the other party.

By this age, you should have established friendships that go beyond partying and drinking. You should have friends that you can go eat breakfast with, camp out on a starry night, friends that got your back and will be there for you to get you home in one piece and talk about feelings – deep ones.

These will be the people who will help you get through the day. They will be the one to listen to you all night long, buy you beer when you need one, tells you a big NO when you are tempted to run back to he-who-must-not-be-named. These are the people who will never judge you in your smudge mascaras or in your second gallon of ice cream.

It feels so much better to know that I have people I can run to that will never say, “I told you so”.

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