Day 60

The thing about having your heart broken is you are reminded that you are a human being with a lot of feelings. You will encounter emotions that go beyond happiness and sadness. There are a lot of in betweens – so much that you don’t know what to call or do with them. That’s okay. It’s fine to have a lot of feelings. It’s fine to feel broken. It’s definitely all right to cry and shut the world.. but make sure it’s only for awhile. Don’t ever unpack on your way, but instead, take it as a stop-over, like finding a comfort room in a station, or getting a quick cup of coffee in a cafe, then keep on moving. Always remember that no matter the pain or the struggle, the soul and the heart heals. Aside from giving it time, make the conscious effort to heal on your own.

Rejoice, because the painful experiences will bring you breakthrough in the future!

Happy 3 months heartstrings! You are definitely on your way to freedom. I can sense it and I’m happy for your soul.

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