Day 58

The Caterpillar who Fell in Love with Autumn

Little green caterpillar crawling under the leaves,
Eating and enjoying life as it is.
Little green caterpillar enjoying the sun,
Basking and saying hi to friends, she had none.

From summer to autumn,
The seasons had changed.
Trees die, leaves fall,
Autumn painted all shades of orange.

Little caterpillar watched,
What a beautiful kind of doom!
She crawled and crawled,
Wishing she could be in a cocoon and bloom.

Oh how wonderful it is to look so good,
With her wings fluttering in between the autumn woods.
A little too early, the leaves had fallen off,
Winter came with its snow and dreading woes.

Little green caterpillar felt alone,
She wrapped herself in her great cocoon.
She missed autumn and his beautiful wonders,
She never knew death could be a stunner.

As the cold, lonely nights of winter came,
She cried herself to sleep and allowed her tears to flame.
Little green caterpillar had lost hope,
That she will still look good and with autumn she could elope.

Winter came and went,
A new season was birthed for time to be spent.
Little green caterpillar had enough,
She went out and felt she was tough.

Her wings spread out as large as the maple leaf,
And she looked around in disbelief.
Little green caterpillar was no longer the crawling beautiful girl,
She was transformed by winter and her wings she gave it a whirl.

Autumn was gone and she was sad,
But spring, yes spring, she was glad.
Beautiful butterfly thought she looked good with death,
Then seeing spring, she realized she suits life the best.

She spread her wings and thanked God for winter,
As she flew over the gardens, the flowers admired her.
She was never made for autumn where leaves fall and flowers die.
She was made for spring,
Where she can love nature and be loved back by so many things.

Beautiful butterfly then thanked the seasons of life,
She may have fallen in love with autumn,
But she was truly made for spring.

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