Day 43

We know what keeps us stuck. It’s that tiny hope that we have inside, buried down, invisible and unknown to everyone – the hope that you two would still end up togethet. Hey, maybe not now, but who knows in the future? You convince yourself that there’s no going back, that you tried your best and there was a reason why it didn’t work out; still you keep looking back long after the doors have been closed. Reach down to the deepest part of your heart and expose that tiny hope of yours. Let the ray of sun burn it at the palm of your hands. You need a new kind of hope. The kind of hope that even if that one thing you invested so much to failed, there is always something better. And I pray to the Lord or Lords, to our God who is not deaf, to the One whose arm stretches from heaven to the earth, that He heals you and gives you a hope that sees the unseen and keeps you burning with flame in this journey called life. 

Close the door and never take a peek on it again!

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