Beach Travel Essentials


If I could live anywhere in this world – aside from London, it would be somewhere with a beach where it’s always sunny. I’m thinking of Greece, or in the south-western part of Italy, yes Capri! I don’t know when my love for the beach started, to think of I’m very conscious of my skin-tone, but right now, it’s the least of my worry. I love the beach! I love it, I love it, I love it. I don’t care if I’ll get burned or get a bad tan as long as I can go to the beach and have fun. I like the feel of the sand on my toes. I like the calmness and peace it gives me. I like the view of the vast ocean. I like how the waves keep coming back to the shore irregardless of how often it is pushed away.

And because of my frequent visit to the beach, I’ve finally come up with my beach travel essentials. Check ’em out. 

1. Scarf – It’s my all around essential. I can use it as a cover to my face, a sarong to my body, and maybe as a towel too.

2. Swim suit – I have no plans of going to the beach naked, so this is a beach travel essential to everyone, I guess.

3. Slippers – I don’t think there’s a need for an explanation.

4. Straw bag – Well, actually I’m not into bags when going to the beach. I usually leave my belongings inside the hotel or in the car. Bags just make it harder for everyone to swim since you need to keep your eyes at your belongings left on the shore. But if I just want to lounge around, without actually plans of swimming, then this is a must.

5. Straw hat – Just to add some swag and keep my face from getting sun too much.

6. Shorts – I usually bring a lot of shorts and the washed-out and tattered ones are my favorites.

7. Shades – Yes, I can’t go out from my inn without some cover on my eyes, otherwise I’ll be squinting the whole time.

8. iPhone – My life.

9. Sunscreen – To protect my skin from UV rays.

10. Sophie Blush – I’m not really the make-up make-up person when I’m on the beach. I just usually put on blush and a little tint on my lips, mostly because I want to look ‘alive’ in the pictures. Sophie blush is amazing, it’s a drugstore blush tint and stays longer than expected.

11. Nivea Lip Balm – We all know that the beach will leave our skins dry and flaky. Nivea lip balm prevents us to have chappy lips. It rehydrates and keeps our lips looking nice and healthy.

What are your beach essentials? Do share!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Wishing you many many relaxing beach trips in all time to come !

    1. Thanks Raj! You too 😀 Hope you can visit Thailand soon and explore their wonderful beaches.

      1. Yes I’m hoping that too .. and it will happen next year I’m sure ! my 2 months travel was a dream 😦 … not allowed to take such leaves in my org .. so will have to contend with 1 week leaves only 😦 ! btw hope u be safe when u visit Bangkok next ….

      2. Aww, too bad. But I guess 1 week will be more than okay. 🙂

  2. sileas says:

    Yes, everybody needs those things! Life essentials 😉

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