Looking outside the tent // Long overdue post

So this guy whom everyone found good-looking and charming was seated beside me today and I took the chance to check how charming he really is.

Well, he isn’t.

Much to my dismay.

At first I was just listening to their conversation, and I found him as a deep man – very composed and sensible. It was interesting to listen to him explain how he is and how he wants to succeed. As time passed by, I found myself yawning and putting on my earphones.

There was too much arrogance, and he was very self-dignified that I found him quite ridiculous. Maybe if he was a little funny and a little goofy while speaking about “investments”, the “future” and all other “mature and manly” acts, I might have had agreed that he was indeed charming.

But nah, he was too controlled. Too level-headed. And girls don’t like that.

Disclaimer: This was a draft for a year now and has only been published yesterday. No such event happened on the same day this was posted.

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