Hongkong Disneyland


Visiting Disneyland had been a dream come true. We grew up with fairy tales and dreams of becoming a princess and marrying a prince. Aside from the fairy tales, there was Mickey and Minnie who’s probably the greatest pair in this world, so to finally step foot in Disneyland with my family was definitely a joy-filled day! 


We grabbed lunch inside Disneyland and I could only cry with the amount I paid with the food we ate. It wasn’t worth it in any friggin’ way! When I computed the amount to Philippine peso, my heart just broke.

So this is worth 500KHD and I wanted to cry right then and there.


There are seven theme parks inside the Disneyland – Adventureland, Fantasyland, Grizzly Gulch, Main Street USA, Mystic Point, Tomorrowland and Toy Story Land. We went around Disneyland and found ourselves riding the Grizzly Bear ride and doing it over and over again that we almost spent an hour in that area.


Since there was a parade at four in the afternoon, we sat down at the middle of Disneyland to wait for the parade. It was going well until the weather became a kill-joy and rain poured down on us and hard at that.

Disney princesses, waiting to be soaked in the rain as dark clouds loomed over the area.

As the rain poured, we ran to the nearest covered walkway and waited for the rain to stop. We wanted to buy an umbrella or a rain coat but decided to just wait as the sky started to clear up again.





Tarzan’s Jungle and House

Toy Story Land really got me, especially the Parachute Drop. My brother had a tantrum and didn’t want to go with us but we knew that he was just scared. After the parachute drop, I still felt a little dizzy and even felt it through my sleep.

The last ride we tried was the Space Mountain. It was amazing! It wasn’t like the Grizzly ride because it was dark and we didn’t know where to go or what’s next for us so it added up to the thrill. My brother almost cried and we caught it on camera just before we got down. He wanted to try again but we didn’t have enough time.


At eight thirty, we sat down just outside Sleeping Beauty’s castle for the finale – the Disney fireworks. While sitting there, watching the display of fireworks synchronizing with the Disney soundtracks, I couldn’t help but feel a little teary. To see the happiest place on earth with my family was a dream I never thought we’d achieve.

It felt like all the stress I had vanished and God reminded me that these were the kinds of moments we live for.

Note: This was a 2013 travel journal. I just separated Disneyland from my Hongkong entry since I thought it deserved another entry, I mean, it’s a dream come true, so come on. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures … Hong Kong must be really expensive for the food to be so …. ! I hope u liked the taste though 🙂 !

    1. The food was just expensive in Disneyland and it didn’t even taste that good! But Disneyland itself was really a magic!

      1. What about hong kong in general … I’ve heard Singapore is pretty expensive .. Hong Kong must be the same I guess … travel/food/stay … expensive expensive !!!

      2. Singapore is more expensive for me. I mean thats 1php = 33sgd, while hk is only 1php = 13hkd. There are lots of hotels/restaurants in hongkong which were really cheap to stay/dine in. And the shopping, especially in Mong Kok is really cheap 🙂

      3. It’s the same for an Indian rupee … Singapore dollar is more expensive for us too … however, what really matters is the value of those currencies in their respective countries …. nevertheless, I would have spent the equivalent of 500 hkd ( ure meal cost ) here in one of the most expensive restaurants … it’s huge money !!! looks still, that apart from Disneyland, rest of Hong Kong is not that expensive .. cheers !!!

      4. Well, in Singapore you can get a complete meal at 4SGD and 10-20SGD for the more expensive ones. Not bad, really. But if you look at Singapore as a whole, like the taxi cab, the train (without the tourist pass), it’s really an expensive country – especially if you always try to convert it in your currency. And yes, I would have been able to host a buffet dinner for 20 people in a fine dining steak restaurant for 500HKD. 😥 I took that meal as a lesson learned. Hahaha

      5. that means I can eat in Singapore for almost the same price that I can do in Bangalore .. a good one !!! and now that you told me, I’ll take the train only with the tourist pass … guess need to be there sometime to really experience it … this year, however, looks like it’s gonna be Thailand !!

      6. Yep, that’s right. It’s almost the same price. You should totally visit Singapore though I would suggest that you have a side trip in Malaysia or Thailand since Singapore is so urbanized all you will see are buildings.. and more buildings. :p And don’t forget to take the tourist pass, not everyone knows about it.

  2. Such a blessing to be able to share a dream-come-true experience with your family. 🙂

    1. Exactly, it was very heart-warming.

  3. I’ve been to the one in Paris, but it really looks the same, more or less 😉

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