Where you at: Wingstop

My friend and I had a quick dinner at Wingstop in Makati, just outside Glorietta 4, and waited the traffic to disperse.


I’ve heard about Wingstop being expert in chicken wings in the US and the sight of foreigners at the other table munching on their chicken wings added up to increase my expectation bar. 


The price ranged from 45php (chipotle rice) to 600php (12 pieces of chicken wings). We settled for the six pieces of chicken wings with a chipotle rice and potato salad and paid around 400php with no drinks.


We were so hungry we weren’t able to take photos of the food. I spared one before munching on it. This one is a spicy chicken wing (with a specific name but I forgot, it was something Mexican).

You can choose up to two flavors of chicken wings when ordering. We chose a spicy one and a parmesan one. As a person who likes spicy food, I love the spicy chicken wing although I found it dry a tad bit too much.

I was actually expecting something like a chicken wing buffalo kind but it turned out that it was just really deep friend chicken wing. There wasn’t really nothing astounding on the flavors. If I bought some and served it to my friends and told them I cooked it, they would have bought the claim.


They have a nice interior though. Look at that wall turned into canvas painted with street thug art. It looked a little bit industrial with metals, wood and unfinished looking floor.

In my view, this is not the best place to grab chicken wings. Yellowcab’s tastes better. Most of my friends from the US though begged to disagree with my judgment. They said that Wingstop is the ultimate chicken wing expert and I couldn’t argue since the American Wingstop branches may be actually good and the Philippine branch just sucked. Until I get to taste the American branch though, I’ll stick with my claim – the fact that I’m hungry didn’t even help raise the bar.

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  1. more new places opening…

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