Gem in my Drafts

I was browsing through my posts in my story site to delete some that I wouldn’t need anymore when I came across a post entitled, “Journal Entries” and decided to open it. I was surprised to see that it was actually an unfinished story because there was no way I have gone through something like this to make it as a journal entry. And I actually have no idea where this story was going or whatever my original plot was. So feel free to make an ending or make suggestions, maybe I’d remember where this story was heading to.

It’s a dull Saturday afternoon and the sound of the rain falling on my rooftop is the only sound my ears can hear, never mind the sad love song playing on the radio. My eyes are all but red and tired from crying. My heart is still in pain and until now, those four words he uttered last night are still ringing in my ears.

“We need a break.”

I can’t think of any reason why he would want a break. I thought we’re happy. I thought we’re perfect for each other. I thought everything’s fine. And the worse is, he wouldn’t give any reason why. What am I supposed to do? Play the guessing game? I can think of three – one, he’s not just happy anymore; two,  I’m not that good enough for him and lastly, a third party perhaps? I’m not sure of the last part, but I hope it isn’t that. I don’t know what to do if it  is indeed the reason of this sudden break-up. I haven’t called anyone yet. I haven’t told this to my friends yet. I don’t know where to start. What makes me shut up and gives me the honor to wallow in this pain all alone is the fact that I’m afraid that when I open my mouth and narrate them what happened last night, I might burst into tears!

We used to be the best of friends until he came up to me on junior year and told me he loved me more than a friend. That day, I was the happiest girl alive. And I didn’t know there’s more reason to be happier when we got together as a couple. We were happy. Everything was in technicolor. I couldn’t wish for more. I perfectly knew he felt the same.. or was it just me?

It was when the phone rang on a perfect timing. I left it ringing on its own. It’ll just shift to voicemail. So I let it be.

Mariel’s calm voice filled my room. “Hey, what happened? I saw your boyfriend on the mall by himself. Where were you? Thought you’re inseparable?” She let out a short chuckle. “Guess not, huh?” Silence. “Hmm, I know you’re there. Tell me about it.”


She put the phone down and silence once again.

The rain is still pouring hard on the rooftop and I swear, I heard it roar down to me. I looked at the phone placed right under my lamp. I slowly extended my right arm to pick it up and dial Mariel’s number. But I hesitated and put the phone back. That’s when it rang again. I automatically pressed the answer button unconsciously.


“Uhmm, hi. You there?” I paused upon hearing a familiar voice, so familiar that it hurt my heart.

“Hmm, I didn’t see you at the usual chilling place. Your friends were there. Are you okay?” He asked in an almost worried voice. Yeah, right. How dare him ask me that question!

“Hey.” I said on the other line.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“I’m not.”

“Right, I should’ve not asked about-”

“Look, I’m busy.” I let out a sigh. “Just..give me enough time and I’ll be fine.” I said and hang up on him.

Did I just hang up on Dan? “Yeah, you just did.” I whispered to myself.

I spread out my arms again and continued staring at my white ceiling. When did he start acting weird? It was around last two weeks ago at Jenny’s house party. At first, he wouldn’t come because of gazillion reasons of why not. But then I threatened him that if he wouldn’t come, I’d break up with him or something like that. So he came to the party with me.

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