My Travel Essentials


I’m not flying anywhere soon but I thought I could share my travel essentials. I could live without them, but I prefer not to. 

1. Scarf – I fell in love with scarves two years ago. I started buying some and I couldn’t go anywhere without bringing one. I can use it to warm myself or something to sit on or to tie my hair in a pony tail. It’s so useful I don’t have the heart to leave it.

2. A small shoulder bag – It’s where to put the necessities like a photocopy of my passport, a lipstick, my phone, shades, and money.

3. Slippers – A good pair of slippers can take you anywhere. I can leave every pair of shoe but not a leather slipper.

4. Wallet – My wallet’s pretty big, so I usually leave it in my hotel, but I can’t leave the house without it – with money or none! I think it’s habit.

5. Neck pillow – It’s my most favorite among my travel essentials. I like bringing it anywhere, especially on long bus ride trips. It stops my sleepy head from swaying side to side.

6. Shades/Aviators – Aside from using it from the sun rays, it’s also a good material to conceal the dark eye bags.

7. Fuzzy pair of sock – I can’t travel without bringing a pair of sock. Last year, I received the beautiful pair and I’ve found myself unconsciously putting it inside my luggage.

8. iPhone – For everything and anything.

9. Passport – Well, I won’t be able to fly out of the country without it, so it’s a must.

10. Pen and Pad – For travel journals, prayers, reminders, or sometimes if I have to list down my expenses for my travel budget.

11. Hygiene kit – I have a ready to go travel kit with a brush, tooth paste, a couple of shampoo, soap  and deodorant in sachets.

12. Eyebrow gel – I love Etude’s eyebrow gel. It’s quick and easy if i want to groom my eyebrow.

13. Nivea Lip Balm – When traveling, my skin tend to dry out from all the activities I’m doing. Aside from moisturizing my skin, I also moisturize my lips.

14. Holika Holika Masscara – You’ll be surprised how putting masscara can open your eyes, especially a tired one.

15. Vial for my perfume – Since airlines have a strict rule about having at least 7ML of liquid in the bag, I tend to put my perfume in a vial so I get to keep it till the next stop.

16. Sophie Magic Cheek Tint – It’s a Philippine brand and it’s a cheek tint that looks like a cream. It’s water resistant and it looks natural on the skin. I tend to go for the no-make up makeup look, and the cheek tint helps me alot to achieve it.

17. Bronzer – It accentuates my features and I love how I can mix it with my cheek tint without looking too much.

What about you? What’s that one thing you can’t live without when traveling?

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  1. V says:

    Neck pillows are such a must have. I keep meaning to buy a new one for long trips and never do

    1. It would be nice to invest in a good one. I have a neck pillow which is not too soft and not too hard and all foam and not those types with beads inside. I hope you could find time to get a new one 😉

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