7 Things to do in the Lent Season

Especially if everyone you know is going home to their respective hometown or provinces and all the establishments are close. I have thoughts of just lying on the couch and watch the ceiling, but where’s the fun in that? I’ve been doing it even when it’s not the Lenten season.


For everyone who’s stuck in the city, with nowhere to go and nothing to do, here are some things that you might consider to enjoy the long weekend. These are activities that take advantage of the fact that there’s not going to be a lot of people around, so get moving! 

Swim at your building’s pool. If there’s any. People are going to be away, so what’s the best time to try a lap without the kids splashing around and people oggling at your sexy swimsuit?

Cook something that doesn’t smell nice. For those living in the US, you might have had problems being neighbors with Filipinos before, especially when they cook some dried fishes. For us, it’s the best smelling food in the world and you’ll see us flipping the fish on the pan while our mouths are salivating. For others though, they’re ready to kill you as soon as you’re out of the house. Take the advantage of the fact that no one’s going to be around the building or your neighborhood to smell the lovely aroma.

Do photowalk. Have you ever passed by a place and wanted to take a photo of it so badly but everyone was going in and out or hanging around the area? Well, this is the perfect time to dust off that camera, walk around and shoot a thousand photos of different places with no one to disturb you or no one to distract on the photo.

Invite friends over. Missing company? Host a dinner with friends or people you know who’s also stuck in the city. This is a good time to actually get to know them and walk beyond your comfort zone. Just make sure you cook something fabulous to make their stay worthwhile.

Learn how to drive with your own car. The streets will be empty and you can even stop at the middle of a major road if you want. No one’s going to curse you and you wouldn’t cause a traffic behind. So get behind that wheels and keep rollin’. By the time everyone’s back, you can totally ask everyone to go on a road trip with you and they’ll be wondering how you got that amazeballs driving skills you have now.

Check out those online game accounts you have forgotten. I know you have a lot, and if you can still remember your passwords, reconnect with your in-game character and friends. Gamers love the long weekend and we’re talking about level-boosting and farming here. After all, everyone’s gone so might as well catch up with the good ol’ online friends.

Go to BGC and participate in Way of the Cross by Church Simplified. There will be 7 interactive stations along High street. Each station, there will be assigned tasks for you to do and accomplish. It’s a good way to reconnect with your spiritual self and praise God for all the things he has done for the salvation of mankind. Even if you aren’t going to participate, just try to visit the place. There will be acoustic sessions from budding Christian artists too!

I know you’re probably drooling over photos posted on Facebook of your friends spending vacation somewhere off the coast of Amalfi; or enjoying the company of their family in their hometown and a milling what-nots, but hey, you should still be thankful that in 365 years, you get four days to just meditate and disconnect from the world. I don’t think that’s bad, well, coming from an introvert you know, but sometimes, you need a ghost town to stop your mind from catching everything and everyone.

Btw, stay dry on the weekend – a huge typhoon is coming.

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  1. Sileas says:

    Hi, I nominated you for the Liebster Award: http://sweetescapes.net/2015/04/05/liebster-award/ I’d be happy if you’re taking part 😉

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