What I Do When I’m Not Traveling

As much as I want to convert this corner to a travel blog, I can’t. I’m not a frequent traveler. I don’t go globe-trekking. I haven’t even tried getting on a bus and jumping off somewhere I have no idea about, though I really like the idea of just getting lost.


I plan my trips every year – one locally and one outside of the country. I don’t do spontaneous beach get-away. I don’t have money for that and it’s much expensive when unplanned. The practical me loves planning out my trips and my adventurous me dreams on buying that ticket and eating noodles for the next three months. I have yet to choose the latter.

If you haven’t figured out yet, I like being alone and keeping to myself. I don’t hate people but I get stressed when I’m with new ones or when I need to be the jolly girl they want. I want people who understand when silence is the only conversation I want to have over a cup of tea. Sometimes, I think I was born with a switch. I can be a people-person when I really want to and most of the time, I just want to laze around our couch while watching Korean drama series. Some people won’t even believe I am an introvert. Maybe I’m not, maybe I’m just really looking for people with the same wavelength as mine. Now, I’m straying away from what I really want to talk about.

I usually turn off after a really good holiday. I’m actually so bored right now that I have started doing random things just to kill time like,

Updating this blog. I know, my life’s really exciting! *sarcasm noted* If you have been following this blog and have been waiting for updates, I post like 50 jurassic years in between. My story blog has been on hiatus for two years now and I really lost a lot of followers over there. Sometimes, we live for the applause, and without them, I kind of had the writers block for awhile.

SketchI love copying sketches from WeHeartIt. I have not done this for a long time now since my sketchbook has been filled up. But I love how I can just focus and feel detached from the world and admire each pencil stroke.

Buying groceries. If there’s anything that can cure my stress and anxiety, it would be shopping for groceries. I used to window-shop for clothes or shoes, but when I learned how to cook, I loved going through the supermarket aisles and getting my hands on products I can eat after.

Cooking. Buying groceries comes with cooking it after. I love cooking on the weekends, especially when all my roomies are out. I love playing a feel-good classical music on the back while my pan sizzles from butter and seafood.

Writing Stories.  I have been writing stories since I was in grade school but I have never really let anyone read it. I once handed it over to my best friend and she told me to publish it via the school paper. I was too shy though, so I started making short stories and published it anonymously. When I wrote too many, I started making a site where I can just dump everything since I wasn’t really the kind of person who would back-up every now and then. I gained a following in online forums when I was in high school. In college, things turned topsy-turvy. I was busy hanging out with my friends that I didn’t find time to write more, and then Wattpad came. Wattpad is such a big community that it’s very hard to gain followers. My readers matured with me so they also didn’t find time to read and browse through. My audience will be high schoolers and I’m not really good in making high school stories now. I think I was past that stage but then again, I couldn’t squeeze any creative juices from my brain to update my on-going stories.

Job-hunting. I have no plans of resigning yet but I’ve been eyeing some jobs I really want to apply to, especially abroad. I’m also checking out which skills are needed when applying for those jobs so I can start learning and looking for opportunities to learn those. Glassdoor is such a nice app. They send you a list of available jobs that you’ve set in your filter (location, industry, keywords) and they also give out the minimum and maximum salary. I actually love it and I refer to it whenever someone from abroad calls me up.

Cafe-hopping. I like trying out new places, especially the ones not so mainstream. I don’t like coffee but I like the feeling of hanging out in a place and listening to their playlists. Metro Manila has a lot of great coffee shops. I wanted to see Noriter Cafe (where you can design cups while drinking coffee) and Cafe de Seoul but it’s quite a journey (Mrt-Lrt-jeepney-sorta-like-that), and the lazy bum that I am, I’m just too lazy. They said it’s worth getting up to, so maybe I’ll check that out soon.

Noriter Cafe; Photo from Sincerely Parra (pinkyparra.com)

I’m actually rooting to get a class in Fashion Merchandising this summer but I always seem to forget to call the fashion school. I hope I can still enroll and learn a lot of things and meet new friends. With all free time I got in my hands, who wouldn’t be bored to bum on the couch while catching up on new Korean drama series? I really really want to be productive. I’ve been telling friends if they know anyone that knows anyone who needs a waitress in a coffee shop, or a PA in a broadcasting company, or a tutor or anything! Anything that isn’t IT! So yeah. I’m turning 24 soon and here I am still looking for answers to what I really want to do in life. Is this pre-quarter life crisis? I also want a fish as a pet, so you get how boring I really am.  x


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  1. When I was a kid, and I was in a group (of cousins, say, or friends), I would be quiet because I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know how to tell a story in an engaging way, and really sometimes I just couldn’t relate to what they were talking about. And then people would go, “Tingog sad diha uy” (speak up) and inside I’m screaming “That does not help!” Now I can engage people in conversations but it takes up so much of my energy, I feel drained after an hour in a party. Anyway, this is the long way of saying “I can relate” hehe.

    1. And I thought there’s a problem with me. Thank you so much for telling me you can relate. Now I know I’m not the only one who has this kind of personality. 🙂 Let’s soooo become friends!

      1. Yes! ^_^ It’s one of the things I love about the WordPress community, getting to meet people with similar personalities and realizing, yay, I’m not the only one.

  2. Keep on trying new nd different stuff … nd let the fire inside guide u …. one day u will achieve ure clarity ! Uve got time 🙂 ! Keep travelling though, if new places charge u up like nothing else ! Nd keep blogging !

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