Long Term and Short Term Goals

They said brilliant ideas are formed in the shower while others take solutions from dreams. My life’s contemplation come from having the house all to myself where the silence is deafening; where the four corners of my room is comforting; and where I can record all my thoughts like crazy.

Today, just before going to the office, I sat down after taking a shower and thought about what is it that I really want to do in my life? I have a lot of things I want to do – like applying for a number of dream jobs, or trying out on a business, planning my next trip, and making up my mind where to actually settle down. 

And what’s the best way to organize it anyway? By writing short and long term goals, of course in a SMART way – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. I’m pretty sure everyone has objectives in their company like what do you want to achieve? Have you met your objectives? Did you exceed everyone’s expectation? Or were you just so-so?

My short term goals include seeing a specific amount in my bank account; going to Seoul in November; be promoted or get a raise by May; get a part-time job; apply for my dream job; finish GLC2; be a D-group leader and start a small business.

My long term goals include seeing a bigger specific amount in my bank account; move to another country; get married at 30; apply for a Shengen visa and backpack around Europe; send my brother to college; do a mission in a place that needs Jesus; and be on a management position in whatever career I have chosen.

These goals do not look SMART in any way but a more detailed one’s listed on my handy-dandy notebook and I just really needed to write it down. I need to see that I have a direction in life and it needs to remind me everyday that I have something to work hard for; because there are days when I start asking myself why am I doing this, or what is it I want in life, or why do I even bother to go to work and earn money? And I like making a point to myself by writing it down.

These are also different from my bucket list. I’m not even sure if I should merge the short-term goals and the bucket list. My bucket list is more on my adventurous and live life side like bungee jumping in South Africa, or sky-diving in Dubai, or beachin’ in Maldives.

All of these though will still be pending for approval to the Lord. Because at the end of the day, His perfect and good will be done.

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  1. Very nice to have your goals clear and cut-out … now you can plan how to achieve them over a period of time … Sometimes I think I have delayed this in life, but even then, I’m trying to catch up with myself … Have short-term goals for each year, and yes, now I’ll think working on the long ones too !

    1. iamhalf says:

      Having goals, especially even just the short-term ones help a lot. Usually, I make short-term goals that will help me achieve the long-term goals. I’m still building this up. I’m starting to panic since I’ll be a year older this year..

  2. Yeah and I have panicked a bit already, coz I’m getting older like never before ! Can’t set up my long term goals clearly, coz I want to do quite a few things in life, and I keep thinking whether I’ll be able to achieve all ! But ure right, perhaps I should have short-term goals that lead to the long-term ones .. nice suggestion ! I’ve started with travelling more and writing about it, and as u know, the writing course should help ! I need to click more though …. and my software job is also not what I want it to be … Wanna start a small business too … LET’S SEE !!!

    1. iamhalf says:

      There are just soooo many things we want to do in our life! I just can’t see myself as an IT person for the rest of my life, well I wasn’t able to see myself as a programmer until I became one. Lol. Maybe you can also prioritize? Like rank the things you want and need to do and decide which should come first. Or which goal would help with my bigger goal? What are my action items? The writing course should be a start! 😀

  3. For me, it’s something related to travel, photography and writing that will perk me up like nothing else ! But yeah, my day job ( software ) does not give me enough time to practice this stuff …. Can’t leave it altogether at the moment but as u said, the writing course could be a small but significant start. I somehow need to click more and more too …. My best bet would be to get such a job or engage in such a business, but until then, it will be software+hobbies or business+software+hobbies ( may be i can remove the software part altogether someday, when the business starts earning satisfactorily ) ! What’s ure dream job 🙂 ???

    I may get lucky someday and get a job which includes travel+photography+writing … until then, I’ll keep trying and keep growing in these fields … dats the short and long term plan !!!

    1. That’s a great plan. Don’t quit the IT job yet until everything (business+hobbies) work out well. 🙂 Or maybe you can work remotely? Like travel and work remotely? Sometimes, we’re allowed as such, but not really all the time, while some companies allow it, especially when you are a consultant. We had a consultant before and he resigned from the company. He then went on freelance marketing himself and looking for his own clients. After awhile, he was traveling the world jumping from one project to the other.

      If I were to stay in IT, I’d like to be a consultant or business analyst. Most of the time, they have travel opportunities. Maybe you can try that too? I’ve read a lot of blogs about how they can afford to travel. Most of them find jobs in the country they want to go to – or volunteering. That’s quite nice too. 🙂

      1. yeah that’s a great way to travel .. the business analyst part interests me too … so let’s c ! but if hobbies work out, nothing like it … only the future will tell … btw my kathmandu trip is nearby now and I’m pretty excited about it .. Waiting to write about it too !!!

      2. Wow! When are you going exactly? All the best then! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and I’ll expect your great photos!

      3. Sure I will Kim .. I’m leaving on 2nd april from Bangalore, and trek starts on 8th … pretty excited and did my shopping too …. will be back on 15th .. and hope to publish my experience soon … and the pics !!! whats ure next plan ???

      4. Wow, that’s more than a week from now! Exciting! What happens between April 2-7? You have a lot of vacation leaves! I have a summer get-together on May just locally, and I promised my Mom I won’t travel after. I’ll start on saving for relocation by 2016-2017. So yeah. Travel hiatus for awhile.

  4. April 2-7 will be spent in my home …. and form there I’ll move on to Kathmandu … so it’s home + recreation for me …. makes sense coz my house is in the north, and so is Kathmandu, so saves me on some time and money as well !!! I work in Bangalore, which is in South India. and yes, quite some leaves this time. I’ll take such set towards the end of this year too 😉 … and Oracle goes slow in December, so should not be a problem !

    so between now and dec, I will exploit all the company leaves but mostly short travels !

    Relocation … where ?? You’re leaving Philippines ? Changing company ?

    1. Did you buy a house in Bangalore or do you rent one? Isn’t it too far? That’s a good plan though, saves you time and money indeed and you get to spend time with family. It’s good to know that you are allowed to take that much leave. Haha, we’re not allowed to do that. You work in Oracle? Or you work with Oracle applications (is it the same? do I make sense? lol) Yeah, most people are on leave on December so there’s not much to do indeed.

      Do you have plans of traveling abroad before the year ends?

      I’m planning to find a work somewhere in Canada/Aus/UK and settle there, so yea, leaving the country and changing company. 🙂

  5. Well well … I work in Bangalore coz it is where lot of software jobs are in India … and it’s one of the best cities to be inspite of the crazy traffic … weather is pretty nice but it’s getting hotter every year 😦 … We don’t have such jobs where I come from …. Delhi is one place in N. India where we do, but not as much as in Bangalore, so that’s the reason !

    and yeah, I am lucky to get so many leaves at one go .. not many ppl are so … so how long do u go when u travel abroad Kim ?? what all countries have u travelled to so far ?? btw Oracle apps is another division within Oracle itself I guess .. even I’m not sure lol ! I joined here a yr and a half back …

    I do plan to travel during the year end hols too .. but not sure where .. I want to go some place in S-E Asia … like thailand/vietnam/Cambodia .. if not, I’ll travel somewhere within my own country, as there’s a lot that I’ve not covered here … What about u ?? any plans so far ???

    Canada/Aus/UK should be great if u can settle down .. good luck !! I wanted to go to UK at one point of time too .. but couldn’t then … now, I am talking to a univ prof in Singapore … I want to try out academics for sometime after working so much in the industry … and I’ll be close to my family too from there …

    lot of things to think about in life !!! You already started looking out for jobs in those countries ???

    1. Yeah, I heard about Bangalore being one of the center of IT in India. My friend was sent there before for knowledge transfer.I think he stayed there for three months. So Bangalore is like India’s business district?

      I’ve been to four different countries so far, but I went there as a tourist and not as a “traveller”, you know. I was with family so mostly we did all those tourist-y stuffs. I’m still planning to have a get-away just by myself and just be really random.

      I heard Hanoi is a good place. You should visit it. 🙂 I’m planning on going there soon too. Or Bangkok. I want to see Loi Krathong event there.

      Do you plan on getting a masters

      I’ve downloaded an app called Glassdoor. It sends out a list of available jobs in a specific place. So I’ve been eyeing on some. 🙂

  6. Bangalore is the business district so far as IT goes, but Mumbai is THE FINANCIAL district of India …. a nerve center for all businesses …. How is it in Phil ? What are the business centers there ?? and IT center ??

    One of my friends did visit Vietnam sometime ago, so I’m gonna take my tips from him …. I’m also interested in photography, so plan to shoot there while roaming around ! A local person would help and perhaps my friend will help me get a contact … ! and can u tell me about this festival in Bangkok that you wanna go to ??? when is it held ??

    and yes, how do u plan out ure vacations ? Are u interested in visiting certain type of places or doing certain types of activities … For me, its all about exploration and some photography, but I do love mountains and the beaches to relax up ! The sound of incoming waves and the serenity on a beach doesn’t compare to anything else I feel, and most importantly, you don’t have to do anything else but lie down and read perhaps 😉 !

    and yes, you guessed it right, I plan to study for sometime and get a more specialized masters in analyzing big data perhaps, coz it’s quite popular these days, and will for quite some time I feel … You can say I want to step up for doing any kind of development work, which has been happening till now !

    Glassdoor is not much popular here, so I don’t know about it …. we search through linkedin, and there are some other specific job portals …..

    btw, if you think our conversation is getting much for a ‘comments’ section and sooner or later it’s gonna overload it, you can mail me at: raj.abhishek@gmail.com … Have a good one Kim !

    1. Makati is the business center here and well, same goes for IT. Makati and Cebu.

      Loi Krathong is held every November, the specific date varies. This 2015, it will on November 25, 2015. It’s like 12th full moon of Thais. They celebrate it by flying lanterns during the night and it looks so awesome and magical. Have you seen the Disney movie Tangled? There’s a part there when the all the people lit up lanterns and let it fly in the sky. Anyway, it seems like a nice festival.

      I love the beach too! I’m not really the mountain-trek girl so I always pass whenever my friends ask me to go climb up a mountain. I get so tired easily and sometimes I couldn’t appreciate the scenery. And I don’t want to be the kill-joy friend so I pass instead. *wink

      Do you have plans of studying abroad? I’ve researched some schools that offer scholarships without looking through the GPAs. I think all you need to is pass an essay and choose a suitable post-grad degree. Something like that.

      Glassdoor is an Apple/Android app. You can just download it and they would send you job opening notifs with expected salaries. It’s amazing, actually. I don’t really look for openings, but I look for the list of companies so I have an idea what the software companies are in a specific location.

      I’ll send you an email soon! Thanks! Keep in touch!

  7. Hey … was quite busy with a wedding in the family … got some time now !

    So, do your financial and IT centers have beaches too 🙂 ?? Guess must be pretty awesome if they do …. or is it like a beach is never really far away in Philippines ? What a beautiful set of islands ! Is it always hot and sweaty too 🙂 ???

    Loi Krathong sounds awesome from photography point of view too … let’s see how things go in November … may plan something, and I’ll let you know too !

    Studying abroad would be awesome if I can afford it, and without many tests … I’m just excited to learn what I want too .. and I’m sure it will be good for my career …. How I wish to study something in photography and travelling and make a career out of it, but it sounds too risky at the moment .. Nevertheless, a computer science course should work wonders for the software guy in me ! Let me know about the schools you’ve researched about …. a treat for sure if it does really work out !

    Can glassdoor help me in find out companies based on their domain, like travel and photography 🙂 ??? Who knows it may help u too ! It’s unfortunate though, that such companies rely heavily on web technologies, and I’m not well versed with those … What’s ure area of work, technology etc ???

    and yeah, pls feel free to send an email when you can !

    Keep in touch Kim !

  8. Long time kim ! Im at my home nw nd will leave for kathmandu day after tomorrow ! Waiting for it !

    1. I emailed you but upon checking now, seemed like I wasnt able to send it. Dunno what happened. Anyway, have fun and take care! Enjoy your holidays! Will be looking forward to your post and photos!

      1. Oh okie… pls check my mail id with u …. raj.abhishek@gmail.com ….. nd send dat mail again 🙂 ! Btw ive not been able to check my mail much if it may hav gone in to spam or promotions folder … nt very good internet access here … u hav a good one too with ure blogs ! Keep writing !

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