The Seven People You’ll Meet in MRT

After finally accepting the painful truth that cabs won’t be able to get me to the office in a window of 15 minutes, I have decided to take the MRT going to and fro the office. Yes, the dreaded rectangular, fast but sometimes slow-moving vehicle with one million people inside. As to how they fit in, I still have no idea.


Now if you have been observant in your daily commute inside the MRT, you’ll definitely see different kinds of people – kids, pregnant women, office girls, old people, wonderful people, annoying people and more annoying people. We can’t help but be annoyed by them even after we get off the MRT and yet at the same time, we take our lessons from these human beings about public vehicle etiquette. 

The Pole Hugger. They cling to it like their lives depended on that shiny metal and without even thinking that some lives do depend on it. You’ll see them wrapping their entire body on the pole where your hands should be in the first place while you find yourself standing behind them following the sway of the people whenever the train brakes for a stop. For the brave ones, they wrap their hands on the metal praying that the Pole Hugger realizes that there are people who need to get a grip on it – which barely happens, really.

The Pusher. They’re just behind you, pushing with all their might so they can sneak themselves in. Sometimes, you’ll be thankful that there are pushers behind; at least you get to be inside the train without putting so much effort. And then you can say, ‘I’m so sorry, napupush lang po ako!’ while laughing at the back of your mind! Admit it.

The I-See-You-But-Imma-Close-My-Eyes-So-I-Wont-See-You. They can be guys or ladies. They sit on that blue-painted seating bench, and they would take a glance at you. They would then slowly close their eyes and fall asleep. Well, that would be rude to wake them up right? Sorry, but you can’t sit with them. The most annoying are those who would sit and act sleepy in the oldies/preggo cart. We don’t care if you’re a girl, but when there’s an old person standing across you, give up that friggin’ seat! And you shouldn’t even think that he’s a guy so it’s okay, because he’s still friggin old you inconsiderate person!

The Comber. When you see ladies with green combs or yellow ones, you should know to move away from them. They have wet long hair that smells like Sunsilk or Palmolive and they would comb their hair like no one’s around, like they’re in the comfort of their home. Most of the time, buhok nila ay almusal mo na. Yum!

The Maartes. Brows furrowed, lips pursed, face unsketchable (if there is even a word!). They act like the MRT’s the filthiest place on earth. Like their chauffeurs weren’t able to wash up their chedengs so they had to take the MRT. Can’t you see? They had no choice! They would give you that omg-you-go-through-this-everyday-like-i-cant-even-ugh look. Or when they’re being pushed too much, they would say ‘omg omg I can’t even move anymore, there’s no space!’. Honeybunch, please don’t forget that the MRT can carry up to one million people and probably more. There will always be space!

The Bouncers. They are the ones who like standing near the door as if they get off at the next stop. No, they don’t. They get off at the last station but they just like standing in front of the door so they can probably annoy the hell out of you and give you a hard time getting off the train. Or maybe they just really like standing there and checking each one that gets in and off the train. Ha! They should apply as guards posted inside. No need to pass any resumes.

The Make-up artist. They deserve all the praises on earth. To be able to draw the perfect winged eyeliner on a moving train with one million people inside is a talent. It can’t be learned, my dear. It’s a talent sent from above! Your winged-eye that you’ve put so much effort on for more than two hours with a hundred repeat will be put to shame! While you’re at it, try to chat them up and see if you can distract them, just for the fun of it.

Ever heard the saying, “Studyante nang pumasok, mandirigma nang lumabas”? Indeed, this is true. It takes heaps to keep your composure inside the train and to brush off everything or everyone that annoys you.I’m pretty sure we all have encountered at least one of the people mentioned above. And instead of hating, learn from them.

At the end of the day, the daily commute not only gets you to your destination quickly albeit hard, it also teaches you to be more patient, merciful, forgiving and understanding. Remember, an entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.

Happy commuting!

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