Going to El Nido and Climbing Taraw

We woke up pretty early to catch the bus going to El Nido at 6 AM. We looked like kids going on their first field trip, we were that excited!

We took Roro Bus going to El Nido and cost us 295php, non-aircon. They do pick up students along the way but we were still able to get the six-hour travel time. The bus conductor was also funny and filled us in with stories from time to time. We were also able to take a lot of photos along the way. Again, buses have more legroom and bigger windows to view sceneries much better. It has two official stops in Roxas for breakfast and Taytay to pick up more passengers.


They only had 3 passengers going straight to El Nido (us two and another lady). I think the tourist office should also look into it and limit the van transportation since most buses are traveling empty going to and fro. I think they should also promote the buses as a legit transport service to El Nido. It’s only an hour difference between the van and buses.


We arrived at El Nido around 1PM and we walked from the bus stop to Telesfora Beach Cottages. It was far and we were under the noontime heat which is the worst heat during the day! Some of the locals told us to just ride the tricycle but some also told us to just keep walking as we were near it. We didn’t also see any sign while we were on the bus as we were supposed to just get off it. After more or less 10 minutes of walking, we finally reached Telesfora. Check-in was at 2PM so we had lunch first and took pictures at the beach front.




After lunch, we were informed that we were reserved in the garden room and not the beach front. I was somehow disappointed as I actually thought we were gonna get the beach front cottages. It was bigger and had nicer interior and I actually made a face, I’m so sorry. We didn’t have a choice so we just agreed and actually saved some amount for the accommodation.

After lunch, we asked the staff to get us a guide to Taraw, someone decent and trust-worthy since we are girls and there won’t be a lot of people there so better safe than sorry. The guide arrived instantly and we felt comfortable with him so we rode the tricycle going to the proper. He then told us to buy two bottles of water for each of us since we will be needing a lot of drinking going up and down.


Gosh, I did not expect climbing Taraw would be like that! Thank God we decided to wear a pair of tennis shoes because we made a mistake of wearing shorts. It was mountain/rock climbing, not the whole a walk in the park like what I imagined it to be. I thought it was just a simple hiking, but it wasn’t. I only realized how dangerous it was when we were able to get down safely and walked on plain land.

Thinking if I should just jump or go down the same way we went up. I wanna cry!

The view’s amazing! But Taraw isn’t for everyone. One wrong move on the way up and down would kill you. The climb was 45 minutes to one hour. We started climbing at 3PM and stayed there for like 30 minutes as the sun was already setting down and we didn’t want darkness to catch up with us. It would be a hundred times harder and dangerous if it would.

Best seat in the house to see Bacuit Bay! Buwis-buhay though.

I hope they can develop Taraw, like put some stations to assist people should there be any accidents. I was thinking what if I wasn’t able to go down, will anyone get me and how? Gladly, we were able to reach the foot of Taraw at around five in the afternoon. This cost us 500php – 250php/each.

We went back to the hotel and went kayaking while watching the sunset. I tell you, the sunset in Corong-Corong is the best I’ve seen in my whole life. After the sunset, the colors of the sky will then play like crazy, but beautiful crazy! We lied down at the kayak and just talked about anything while looking at the sky. Ahh, life is good!

I’d still choose accommodations in Corong-Corong over the ones in the town proper.

We went to the town proper at around seven in the evening and had dinner at Sea Slug Restaurant recommended by Alexa’s older sister in the beach front. We had Crocodile Sisig and Crab in Coconut Milk for dinner. They also had a complimentary bowl of fruits after.



Some local tourists who came in groups kept on glancing or staring at us. I’d like to think they’re wondering what these two high-school looking girls doing in El Nido by themselves. Haha!

While walking down the strip of establishments at the back of the beach front, we saw a shop that offers underwater camera rental. We checked out and decided to get the GoPro 3 for 750php from 8AM to 8PM the next day.


We wrapped up our day by going back to the cottage at around 10PM. We were dead tired and my legs started to hurt. We hit the sack early for our morning quiet time the next day and to prepare for the island tour.

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  1. where are the go pro shots?? i dont wanna read more..i miss travel..huhuhu

    1. Kim Um says:

      Wala pa kami go pro when we climbed Taraw. 😀

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