Thought Catalog posted my article!



Guess whose post got published on Thought Catalog? Yes, mine! I’m so excited I feel like farting pixie dust all over the place.  

I was browsing through Thought Catalog when I saw the post and I even thought, “This looks like mine. Or is it similar?” I started panicking but when I saw my name as the author I felt like jumping around. I literally giggled like a little girl in the office and everyone stared at me like I’ve gone crazy. I’ve gone crazy, yes. I’ve almost given up on writing but seeing my post on my most favorite website in the whole wide world really boosted up my confidence. Maybe, my writing isn’t a lost cause.

The Lord has His ways of surprising me and I owe everything to Him. Thank You for assuring me that I can do something to give glory to Your name. I may not be good in singing, dancing, teaching but You’ve reminded me that I can write, and pen is still mightier than the sword.

All praises and glory to You! Thank you TC!

2 Comments Add yours

    1. Kim Um says:

      Thanks for the suggestion but me no likey. I like TC’s literary kind of essay-ish writing style. 😉

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