Cookies for Valentine’s!

Our Dgroup has this yearly Valentine’s give-away to our office mates and close friends on or before the heart’s day. Last year, we made chocolates for our friends and this year, we decided to make cookies! Yes, cookies using a turbo broiler! We actually have no idea how since we couldn’t find any on the Internet that shows baking a cookie using a turbo, so we decided to try on our own.

We bought ingredients and since it was baking, I was hands off from the kitchen. Though I was the one who mixed the ingredients using a big spoon! Sorry, we didn’t have electric mixer and I didn’t know we had a mixer (not the electric one) in the drawer. And since we were just sitting around while watching a movie, I volunteered to mix. I think I mixed it too much, it had gotten quite liquid-y, as if I was mixing it for cream puffs.

After, I told them to go try cooking one and let’s see what happens. I put too much on the pan and didn’t realize that it would grow fluffy and stuff so we had this for cookies.


Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
This one turned out pretty!












And no. They’re not pancakes!









Yes, our pretty little hearts were broken. All those hardwork…. I’m just kidding. We were first timers so we weren’t that hard on ourselves yet.

It looked like burned pancakes and it was really chewy and soft. Not sure where we went wrong. It might be the temp on the turbo, or the mixture, or I don’t know. I was pretty sure though that Stifany successfully made cookies last year…. so there must be something that we did wrong.

After having our hearts broken, we gave up – we were tired. The girls went home instead and with empty hands. I told them I’d try to make some again this week and if everything turned out pretty, I’ll meet up with them to give some cookies so they can share it to their friends.

I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube tutorial videos of HOW TO MAKE COOKIES, soooo I hope I’ll get it right. Wish me luck and cross your fingers too!

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