I need to find a hobby

Yes! Something I can do off work – outside – with real people. So I called up a fashion school yesterday and asked the rate and schedule of their classes. Turned out I can afford it and I can totally ask my lead to change my rest day to their schedule. But they’ll be starting next week and I haven’t talked to my lead yet and everyone’s on holiday mode. At least now I know how much it will cost so I can prepare early.

Here are some hobbies I want to pursue this year, or until I have the luxury of time to do so.

1. Exercise by playing badminton or enrolling in a gym. I have a thousand excuses why I don’t like exercising – like, my body itches whenever I run outside, or I don’t have a partner to play with in badminton, or I don’t have time, yada yada. As much as I want to reason out, this one can be actually helpful to me. This will result to a healthy body and lifestyle. I just need to get out there and get this body movin!

2. Learn a new language. Glow (my D-group sister) is actually planning to take on some language classes, like Korean, so I told her to count me in. We’re still finalizing whether we really want to learn Korean or Japanese.

3. Improve my art. I haven’t been able to sketch lately since my pad is now full and I don’t have time to buy one yet. I’m thinking of going back to painting and learn advanced techniques.

4. Teach kids. Or do tutorials for a fee or free! I really have a thing with teaching and I like the thought of having an impact in a person’s life. I think I’ll post my teaching services soon in our building’s bulletin board.

5. Practice IELTS. One of my plan this year is to actually get an 8 on IELTS so I can apply for a PR visa in Canada next year. I need an 8 to be eligible and the express entry is so convenient for everyone now – 6 months or less! Imagine that! All I need to do now get an 8 and then save money. An 8!

With all the time I got, I can totally nail these short-term goals, by faith. God has blessed me so much with my work schedule that I have more than enough free time. I start working at 7AM and go home at 4PM. I have more than 6 hours until 12 midnight. What better way to spend all these free time than to develop personal and spiritual aspects of life? We were not born to sit and wait. We were born to enjoy life, to see places, and to achieve our dreams! All these by faith!

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