The fourth of January

Hiya, happy new year! I can’t wait to know how 2015 will shape up! Festivities are now slowing down and hopefully be over in a two days or more. Most friends have gone back to the city for work tomorrow and I’m still here working from home and still eating three times a day! I feel so bloated! I’m pretty sure when I get back to Manila, I will be back to my two meals – lunch and dinner only.

The fasting week will start tomorrow January 5 and I wanted to join but due to my stomach complications, I have scheduled check-up for tomorrow and the day after. I won’t be allowed to skip meals so I’ll probably fast on social networking for a week or so instead.

I miss my journal and my quiet time. I wasn’t able to bring my journal and my Bible for the holidays due to my bag filled with holiday gifts. I want to start praying for my year and ask God for my theme verse and faith goals this 2015. I feel so empty now.

Anyway, include me in your prayers that everything will be smooth in my check-up and no serious problem. I’m actually pretty scared of anything that includes surgery so I hope I won’t ever go through it. The Lord is faithful, so please please pray for me!

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