2014: Kim’s “Molding of Character” Year

It’s my year-ender post again! I have a hunch that I’ll be very busy in the coming days as I have work in the night and I run errands in the morning, so I better make this entry now or I finish 2014 off without one.

2013 was a really great year! I was expecting the same for 2014, but this year turned out so different! Never, in my wildest dreams, I’ve expected 2014 to end this way. With all the changes in my life, I now feel like an adult – making major decisions of my own, traveling alone, additional responsibilities (may it be in bills or personal commitments) and fixing broken relationships.


God has His ways of teaching me a lot of lessons and for letting me see the reality of life. My perspective and my lifestyle have changed drastically and I couldn’t be anymore grateful. Who would’ve thought that I’d relate in Hillsong’s Oceans? I have a big fear of the ocean for whatever reason (what an irony!) and it felt like He wanted me out there to face my fear and place my security in Him – not in my job, not in my family, not in whatever I have right now – just in Him.

January – Moving Mountains

I was expecting a smooth reclass activity, so I brought this book to keep me busy on the idle time, turned out I wasn’t able to read it due to a fail reclass deployment.

Just thinking about January makes me want to cry. The struggle was real, read it here. It was a very stressful month and I was so disappointed of how my 2014 started. I lost 8 kilos from resolving the issue for three days. I didn’t have enough sleep. I had no appetite. I looked like a dead soul. I was so thankful of my team-mates, most especially Victor. He stayed up and helped me all throughout. That issue became a hot topic in the upper management and I felt really really bad about it. I never saw an opportunity in that event. Little did I know that it would give me a good performance rating after six months.

February – Cupid, hit me with your best shot

Nothing special in February. Although I was still depressed of how January turned out, I had to suck everything up and enjoy life. I had a fun time making customized Valentine chocolates for my team mates and friends. It was my way of saying thank you and I appreciate them so much! Funny how Victor’s chocolate turned out. He said it smelled like fish! Haha, I’m not sure what really happened with his chocolate!

March – Passion MNL 2014

Because of the failed reclass activity back in January, we were able to review the scripts and the process for improvement. As the MFP main resource, I was tasked to do a revamp on the reclass process. With the aid of Victor and team lead Jonai, we were able to change the 32 scripts into 4. We were also able to tune the process from 6 hours each to 2, a total of 8 hours with no overtime charges. Judging from my programming skills, this is a big milestone for me and I felt like crying when the process ran successfully on live. That wouldn’t be possible if there were no prayers as well!

I remembered I had to leave early from the office to go to Araneta Coliseum for the Passion MNL 2014 concert. The MRT line was so long, I had to take the taxi. Fortunately, I was able to get one but due to traffic (I have no idea why there were so many people that one particular Friday!), I had to get off at the Buendia station to try to get in to MRT. But the line was so long again, I had to try the bus. At least, it was moving. I was able to arrive at around 10 PM, I was two hours late! God was so good though that He never made me miss some good moments.

Oh, I also had my molar extraction surgery! I lost a lot of pounds because of that! That was a good weight loss. Haha!

April – Diamonds are forever

Birthday month for Glow, Pepz and I! I turned twenty-three, oh how time flies by so fast! I didn’t spend so much to treat people because one, I just had my molar surgery which cost me a lot; and two, I had my vacation planned two weeks after my birthday which also cost me a lot! More than what I really expected!

We also had to say goodbye to my good friend Mimi. She left for Tanzania but we all know she’s got a bright future ahead!

May – Vacation month

From Manila to Cebu to Singapore; back to Cebu then Bohol and back to Cebu; lastly back to Manila. Read it here.

Pepay flew to Canada. It will be years before I see her again. Missing her so badly!

June – Waiting

I had a few phone interviews with other companies. I have been updating my resume online and submitting resumes just to try it out. My mind has been clouded by thoughts of finding a new job in a new company. We all have those moments. By the end of June, I finally decided to venture into the financial services industry. I have been praying about it and then a company, out of nowhere, called up to offer me a job. I decided to chop my hair off again. Spent a weekend in Bacolod so I wouldn’t miss Pepay so much!

July – Decisions

After talking to Mom about the offer, I finally passed my resignation letter. It felt really really really weird. I wasn’t so sure about what I was doing and my manager actually almost convinced me to stay after a one-on-one talk. I prayed a lot and asked God that if the company agreed to my asking salary and preferred schedule, I would take it as a go-signal. And there I was signing up the offer. I still think it was the highlight of my 2014. It was a really big move for me and up to now, I still have no idea where I got the courage to do so. You see, I love being on the safe side. I like having a plan and seeing how it would end. I don’t like taking risks. It was really refreshing to me. I only knew that at this point of my life, I needed God to take me further. I needed Him to level-up my faith. Leaving my comfort zone – the system I knew so well, the people I like working and hanging out so much with, the company that nurtured me for the past two years in exchanged for something I have no idea about, it was indeed a huuuuuge leap of faith! I was holding on to Jeremiah 29:7 “Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” I don’t open opportunities. My company and team don’t. The Lord does, whatever company, whatever job. If He wanted to give you the chance to succeed, He will. It’s not me, it’s Him.

August – New Beginning

My last day in Accenture was August 16. I was so disheartened when I received the email that I won’t be able to receive my salary on the regular pay-day and instead receive it together with the last pay. I was just touched as to how Mom was so supportive and patient. My new room-mate, Lai, was also with me all the way. She volunteered to buy all the groceries for a month. I was just so thankful!

On my first day in my new job, I cried a lot. They told me that my shift was changed from morning to night. Night? Seriously? I really cried a lot and asked the Lord whyyyyyy, this was not what I asked of You. This was what I exactly hated. Why this?

Now that I think about it, the night shift actually saved me a lot of money. Because of my limited supply of kaching, I learned how to take the MRT, jeepney and even walk if needed! I learned to avoid riding the taxi and eating out. I realized that I spent most of my money before in paying cabs. I also downgraded my post-paid mobile plan to a much cheaper one with almost the same package. Whenever I want to take the cab, thinking about paying around 150 to get home and sit more than 30 minutes in the traffic makes me just decide to take the train. Yes, you have to fight your way through inside, but that’s what you get for only paying 12PHP. Cheap, and fast.

Also, I thank the Lord that I liked sleeping. I can sleep anytime of the day as long as I am sleepy and there’s a bed. I didn’t really have a hard time sleeping during the day, but later on, it became tiring to drag myself away from the bed, which made me keep asking my lead to change my shift schedule.

September – Looking for the good in everything

I didn’t want to depress myself with the night shift schedule – since obviously I couldn’t do anything about it, so what I did was fill my days with the good stuff. Everyday, I challenged myself to find some goodness in my schedule. It may be my colleagues, the easy commute going to the office, the taho in the morning, seeing the sunrise etc. Day by day, I found the bliss that I was looking for. I learned to be so thankful and appreciate what I wasn’t able to appreciate before. I loved seeing the sunrise. I loved the morning commute, the silence of Metro Manila. I loved the morning tv cartoons. I love our US team and I always have a fun time with my workmates. It felt like I was working so hard before that I forgot the feeling of having a downtime. The thing about my job right now is that we’re still on the process of transitioning from US to MNL and I love how both countries are handling the differences. The US team are very generous in giving ‘good jobs’ to the MNL folks even if the tasks are expected from us. Sometimes, a simple good job or thank you can turn somebody’s day around.

October – News

beforeafterDue to my schedule, my quiet time has decreased. I heard news about some friends being sent onshore, or friends going abroad to work and I felt like God was holding me back in achieving my dreams of working abroad. So I kept on bugging Him about it. Then one Sunday, the church that I am attending talked about the life of Joseph (in Genesis), the son of Jacob. Read what I learned in his life here. God’s time is definitely not the same as ours. He has far grander plans for us than what we could ever have for ourselves.

One of our housemate announced that she will be leaving the unit to transfer somewhere near her office place by November. My roommate and I was in a panic. That was less than one month so we started looking for a place. The thing was, November was a busy month for both of us. We only had a week in October to look for a house as our weekends were all booked for vacation.

I decided to chop off my hair again and I regretted it so much! But then my stand on this is that it’s just hair, hehe. It’ll grow back soon and I can do stuffs to hide the bad haircut.

November – Life is good

We finally moved out from our old place. Our current place is a lot newer and it’s on the 15th floor. At night, the wind blows really hard, you don’t need to turn on the aircondition anymore. The unit is also well-ventilated and whenever we cook, the smell goes out instantly. I’m so happy! Also, I’ve been moved from night shift to morning and I love the sched! My shift starts at 8AM and ends up at 5PM. On Fridays, I go out with my previous colleagues to catch up on a good movie or dinner.

December – Sharing God’s overflowing love

2014 is ending nicely. We chose not to prepare a lot of foods for Christmas and instead celebrated Christmas with the kids in the orphanage. I was so blessed with how my friends committed to the event. We scheduled an event with the Holy Infant Orphanage just outside the city and I’ve asked my friends to shell out something – no specific or required amount. With all the blessings that we’ve received this year, this was a good time to share even just a little bit of it to those who have less. Seeing those kids and hearing stories from their caretakers about them made my heart break. To see them smile over things that we always take for granted was really moving. To the ladies who contributed to their heartwarming toothy smiles, thank you so much! Let’s also pray for those kids that they may find the goodness of the Lord in their lives.

We also had our annual family year-ender dinner to celebrate the year and give thanks to the Lord for all the goodness He had showed and done for each one of us this 2014! We had dinner at Kristin’s Steakhouse – our favorite! It was a good night. Missing our grandfather though. He’s spending the Christmas and New Year at our aunt’s place in Sultan Kudarat this year.

It’s also good to catch up with my college friends. It’s been awhile and we were able to fill ourselves with a lot of stories in and out of college!

I know God has bigger plans for me in 2015. This is my “prepare your field, and God will pour the rain” year. God has opened my eyes to all the realities of life. I don’t have any idea what’s in store for me in the next year, but I know that I am in good hands as long as I keep on believing in His amazing power and strength!

For my 2015, I’d like to give up all my dreams and instead let God dream for me. His are grander than what I could ever dream of and in Him everything is possible. I wish to live my life, making precious moments with my loved-ones. After all, God gave us a life to live and not just exist!

To everyone who made this year super duper interesting – my closest friends, my colleagues, my Dgroup, my family – thank you so much! May you find joy in God’s love and peace in His mighty power.

Habakkuk 3:19, my 2014 verse says, “The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like a deer’s feet, he enables me to go on heights.” It’s been a roller-coaster ride and I’m actually on high. God did enable me to go on heights and I know He’ll bring me further than what my strength can only achieve. With Him by my side, I have nothing to fear! Bring it on 2015!

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever!
Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever!

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  1. Just amazed how much you have grown and matured 🙂 way to go for 2015! Excited what God will do for you and through you 🙂

    1. Kim Um says:

      Grabe! This year was the “it” year gid ya! Hahaha God has His ways gid – difficult but very fulfilling. 🙂

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