Plans for 2015

Since a lot has changed before 2014 ends, I have a feeling that 2015 will be so much different. 

My shift schedule was changed from night to morning (7AM to 4PM) and has the option to work from home and go to the office at around 1PM or as necessary. With that, I have enough time to work or do things that interest me. I also have time to see people and hang out. Though the shift schedule has not been finalized yet, I have plans of taking a course next year which I have been planning to do so since last year. But due to financial constraints, I wasn’t able to save up enough for the tuition fee.

Visiting Korea is on top of my list for next year. I wanted to just get over it since all the travel I’ve done means nothing if I don’t visit Korea sooner or later. It would also help with my visa application should I apply for US or Canada.

Second is taking up a short term course of either Culinary or Fashion Marketing (which includes Fashion Merchandising and Buying).

I have handled a couple of retail planning applications in my previous job (albeit in technical side) and have become quite intrigued and fascinated about its process. Technically and functionally, I know how the Merchandise Financial Planning works. If I have to pass my resume though and apply as a planner in the retail companies, they would not consider my functional/business process knowledge, and would rather point how I am inclined to the technical side. After all, I am not a Fashion-grad student. Which prompts me to take a short course and earn a certificate which would cost me approximately of 40,600PHP (1000USD).

Here are a few schools that I’m considering for my fashion marketing course.

I have also developed a love for cooking and trying out recipes from various cooking sites and Youtube videos. Somehow, my cooking isn’t all that bad since my housemates almost eat it to the last bite and my heart just simply swells. I have always been hard on myself and would not be rested with the taste of all the food that I eat. Whenever I take a sip or a little bite while cooking, I would always find something that’s lacking and my friends would say otherwise. Either they like it, or they just haven’t tasted something better yet. That will just have to do then for now. And one of my dreams is to actually quit my IT job and just open a cafe/restaurant or work as a fashion buyer or planner.

So in summary – a visit in Korea with my family, short term courses either Fashion Marketing or Culinary – would cost me a fortune. Now all I have to do is prioritize. I don’t want to look back someday and consider myself as the jack of all trades but master of none. And if I have to prioritize this instant, I can take up Fashion Marketing as soon as the semester starts (which is probably in June, crossing fingers that my schedule will allow me to), and then save up more than enough for the trip in Korea (since Mom will be helping me with the costs) and lastly, take up Culinary (maybe a reserved plan for 2016) since it can wait among the three.

I hope though God allows me to.

Somehow, I have not given up on my dream of traveling the world or living abroad three years from now for free (may it be due to work or whatever God plans for me), but I realized that as much as I wanted to see the world without actually spending a penny, God had allowed me to have a work that pays more than enough that would cater to my wanderlust. For that alone, I am thankful and will not nag Him much to make me see places for free – though that would be a good surprise someday! Who knows.

These are just my plans but everything is still in His wonderful time. His perfect will be done.

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