Visiting the Lala Land Singapore – Last Day

I’m not going to post anything other than photos and a little bit of captions. The last day was purely buying souvenirs, a quick stop at the Merlion, and my flight home. My cousin and her family stayed another day and visited the Singapore Zoo and Bird park. My eight-year old nephew said I missed half of my life. Well, not really. Going home earlier allowed me to travel alone or made me feel like I was traveling alone, and being on that flight alone made me realize that I was comfortable being alone, that I don’t mind going to a new country all by myself.

I guess that just strengthen my resolve of living in another country 3 years from now. I wouldn’t mind at all!

31    We took the train and walked from Middle Rd with my cousin’s friend. It was really hot and it was around after lunch, I think.

36This place sells ice creams. They were a bit pricey but everyone needed something to cool themselves with. Since the line was long, I bought a bottle of water from illy and it cost me around 20SGD which is around 600PHP. Gosh, I wanna cry!


This is our official Merlion pic. I just can’t go home without taking a picture from the infamous lion-head fish-tailed statue! Look at the kids closing their eyes. It was really hot and we didn’t have time to visit it again on the afternoon.


Not sure what’s the name of this place but this really reminds me of the London bridge. Is this Queen’s Rd? Not sure. When we got here, we sat under the shade of trees and there were these guys selling drinks for only 3SGD! We bought two for each of us!


Since we have a four year old kid who still drinks milk from the bottle, there were times when we had to stop and cater to his needs. Here he was drinking milk with his leg up on the bench at Orchard Rd. And on the right, was inside Louis Vuitton shop in Orchard Rd. He just asked for his bottle from his mom and directly lay down in the couch without a care in the world!

We also visited Bugis Street to buy souvenirs and pasalubongs. Then, it was time for me to wrap things up in Singapore. We had dinner at one of the hawker and ordered chili crab (finally!), but I was so tensed to even enjoy it. I felt like throwing up just thinking I’ll be going home alone and staying in Cebu for another day before we proceeded to Bohol, Philippines.

To summarize my Singapore trip, it was really expensive! No, really. With all the taxi we rode in, with all the things we tried, and with all the things I bought (given, it wasn’t many!), it was expensive for me. It was a good taste of the first world country though – so modern, so organized, so clean, and seemed so crime-free. It was also good that most people understood English and the maps weren’t very confusing. The only thing, I think, that lacked Singapore was authentic culture. It was a mix of modern British and Chinese. A fusion of both worlds. And I guess that was the very heart of Singapore indeed.

I’m still looking forward to a travel when I can just submerge myself in culture – food, people, places, traditions. I’m thinking of Bali, Indonesia or Vietnam-Thailand-Cambodia trip next year! But first, Seoul, Korea. All this by faith!

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