Visiting the Lala Land Singapore: Legoland Mania Malaysia


We started rolling at 6AM going to our official hotel accommodation – Fragrance Hotel, Bugis – and left our luggage at their lobby. Their staffs were very friendly and accommodating. It was pretty small, but it was neat and modern. It’s also accessible to anywhere. If we look at Singapore’s map, the hotel was just a walk away from everywhere. I’m also amazed how they know the exact taxi fare whenever we asked them how much it would cost should we take the cab.

The taxi drivers in Singapore were very friendly too. The second cab we rode in from Arab Street to Middle Road gave us tips where to go, what to see and a little history about the buildings. We were very happy that everyone could speak English. My Singapore trip was really different from my Hongkong a year ago.

Our schedule on the first day was to go to Legoland in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Now that was a surprise to me. When my cousin told me about the trip, she definitely told me that we’d go see Malaysia. I was ecstatic! One of the things I was really looking forward to was the train ride from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. I could have scratched off one from bucket list – writing on a train ride. However, it was replaced by looking forward to sleeping in the five-hour bus ride. But the kids, yes, the kids were very excited to see Legoland. It was a family trip after all, the first priority was the kids.

I didn’t know what to expect in Legoland. I heard about it, but I wasn’t really into blocks. In addition, my outfit was not for my Malaysia trip. As I said before, I have planned my daily outfit based on the places we would see. I was supposed to wear a pair of pants in Malaysia since my friend told me that there are places you couldn’t go to wearing skimpy shorts. Also, I am really careful with my clothes when in another country. I don’t want to come off as rude to people and their culture.

When we arrived in Legoland, it was scorching hot! It was around 11AM and the first thing we did was take a photo at the big Legoland entrance. The sun was high and bright in the sky that our cameras were having a hard time adjusting to it. Sorry, I didn’t know how to tick my camera so I get what I could from the auto options. *wink* After taking a photo, we directly went for a place to have a lunch – Wendy’s Burger? – I’m not sure. But we did eat burgers for our lunch. They accept Singaporean dollars but they would give you Malaysian ringgit as a change. So we opted to use the credit card instead. We didn’t have the luxury to calc and convert.


To avoid the heat and us smelling like sweat – because I was starting to smell like one and I wasn’t able to bring any clothes to change to, I’m sorry I didn’t really know what to expect! – we started lining up for the 4d rides as there were air conditions inside to freshen ourselves. The weather annoyed us so much. It was harder to line up as we were sweating a lot and there weren’t any places enough to get some shade.


The rides weren’t really that extreme, we tried almost everything. Since this is the second amusement park I’ve been to abroad, next to Disneyland Hongkong, I couldn’t help but compare the two. But props to Legoland for building these little replicas of the famous landmarks of many countries. It’s called Miniland. These are all made of legos! My nephews were really enjoying the whole idea of these tiny wonders made of lego blocks.

Then of course the weather had to be a kill joy. There was a reason why it was so hot and humid that morning; in the afternoon, a heavy rain came pouring down when we were at the middle of enjoying these little wonders – in open space – with only a number of shades to take shelter to. We had to run in water puddles to get to the entrance building then we bought Legoland’s yellow rain coat which costs around 30 Malaysian ringgit each. We didn’t see the yellow huge umbrellas they had on the side. It had the same price but we could share and could use it even after the trip. And oh yeah, when the Legoland people tells you to say “Legoland” when you ask them to take pictures of you, DON’T. You’ll like our photo below – we looked like shouting.


When the rain stopped, we were back on the bus and settled in. We traveled back to Singapore and arrived around eight in the evening. We had a quick dinner at one of the hawkers near the Singapore Flyer and decided later on to try the flyer. It was costly but for the sake of experience, then so be it.


The view from the Singapore Flyer was amazing. We saw the Marina Bay Sands, Botanical Garden, Merlion and a lot of buildings!

We got back at the hotel around 1AM, dead tired. When I was showering and checking my sunburn skin, I noticed I had a tan line in my arms where my blouse didn’t cover. Yes, Johor Bahru was that hot. It was a good take-home though. The first day wrapped up pretty nice.

Second day, lego! I mean, ehem, let’s go!

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