Visiting the Lala Land, Singapore!

Finally, my Singapore travel post. I’ve been dragging this for six months now and I was finally able to get hold of some nice photos from my cousin’s camera. I was so tired that taking good photos was on the very back of my mind.

I went to Singapore last April and went home the first week of May. That trip was really tiring, very expensive and very bitin. Nevertheless, seeing a glimpse of the first-world country was amazing.


We arrived at Singapore around 12 in the midnight and I was in the state between groggy and excited. Since I was just a joiner in my cousin’s family vacation, I have no idea what to expect and what places to see. I didn’t get to do my research before the trip as I was busy with work and tried to finish everything before I went out of office.


I wasn’t a light traveler, but due to my frequent flying to my hometown, I have learned to pack and choose my clothes well. Beforehand, I try to plan my daily outfit for the trip. Then I bring one pajama and two shirts as my sleeping wear. I also bring three extra shirts/shorts for any outfit mishaps or malfunction. For my shoes, I try to bring only three – a very comfortable one that I can wear and match to my outfits, another one if anything happens and a slipper. My luggage was less than 15 kilos for a week’s trip. I used to bring my closet before and I was wasting money on the baggage fees. Thank God Singapore has the same weather as Philippines, so I only brought summer wear – thin and light.

Since my cousin forgot that we needed a place to stay in on our first night and our hotel won’t accept early check-in, she decided to spend our night in a backpacker hostel. It’s my first time to actually stay in one. It was just a little hard to find since it’s in the middle of the Bugis – Little India area and the taxi driver even told us that our hotel has a funny name. It’s actually “Sleepy Kiwi” in Lavender St. and “Green Kiwi” in Bugis. We ended up dragging our luggage from one street to the other. It was harder since we had kids with us.

It’s a bed and breakfast kind of place and it’s better for young people who’s travelling in groups, frequent flyer or have plans of staying longer in Singapore. Among the hostels in Singapore, this is the only one who accepts kids as well. So that’s a really big point for us since we have a four year old little boy. We had a quick dinner in their dining area and arranged our luggage in the luggage/locker room before proceeding upstairs. We took a room with 10 beds and since it’s my first time to sleep in a backpacker hostel, I was a little bit observant. I stayed up until another two people who were scheduled to share the room with us settled in. Thankfully, they were two American girls and slept as soon as they arrived.

If you are a lone traveler and you are looking for adventurers like you, it’s nice to get into backpacker hostels. I saw an announcement posted on the wall that they will all have dinner together and get to know each other. But I’m pretty sure this kind of hostel isn’t for me. I’m a scaredy cat and I have a pet peeve for safety and security.

This area is called the Arab Street or Little India. The mosque is a pretty structure in the middle of the establishments. We checked out of the hostel at 6AM and look how the place looks empty.


My first morning in Singapore was promising. We were a little stressed and tired and we got annoyed over such small things that we almost had misunderstandings, but at the end of the day, we still need to stick together because we only have each other on that beautiful country.

Anyway, let’s hop on to my first day in the Lala Land with a little side trip to Johor Bahru in Malaysia! Read here.

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  1. annie says:

    aw i miss singapore. it was such a lovely country with friendly people!

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