Moving out

I never knew finding a new house to rent to and getting someone to share a room with you was this hard! It eats up a lot of time and effort by viewing the units on their given schedules and by find a room mate. And I have barely a month!

I was actually rooting for a friend in high school to transfer condominiums as she said the location was her priority, so I told her about room sharing and she said that she might pass this one out since transportation is a little difficult unlike to her current one. She could just ride the jeep in front of the building, get off and ride the bus again plus it’s in Makati business district. Our place though is a lot nearer to her office with just a little walking to ride the bus. And we’re only 4 in the unit. I was actually sales talking her. Haha! I even offered to “no deposit/advance” since this is short notice unless someone’s really looking and prepared for the payments. Anyways, I didn’t want to insist but told her that I’m in need of a roomie! :p I would really prefer someone who speaks Hiligaynon/Ilonggo since I’m so tired of speaking Tagalog.

Oh dear Lord, lead me to nice people and send an angel to be my room mate that shares almost the same interests with me. 🙂

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