Turning 23

Turning 23 is odd. I woke up not feeling anything special, at all. While stepping into the shower that morning of April 8, I realized I won’t be able to sing along and relate to Taylor Swift’s song called 22. Boohoo.

My plan for my special day was to have my only official government ID renewed, my driver’s license! I went to the renewal office of LTO in SM Hypermarket, Tiendesitas at around 10AM. My license was released before lunch time which is actually awesome and there was no urine test whatsoever which is all the more much much awesome since I don’t really like the urine test part. I take forever to pee that can fill the bottle. Ugh. And I only paid 700php all in all. Not bad.

When I went to the office, everyone was asking me if I’d treat them, but no. I firmly stood on my ground. I was saving money for my Singapore trip this 24th and I just had my molars pulled out which also cost me a lot. So I was kind of joking them, “If we order foods, do they accept molars as payment?”, and they would just laugh.

My day went like any ordinary day except for the occasional happy birthday greeting from friends and colleagues in real life and in social networks. When I got home, I got a card from my roommie and three carnation flowers – nice, simple and sweet.

10151351_10152348292611310_1007040980001796508_nThe next day, after buying lunch, my colleague – Victor – took out something from the pantry fridge and I was surprised to see a box of Reese cake and he said, “Happy birthday!”. Like seriously? Like do you know how much the cake costs? I mean, really, seriously? I must have done something good in my life to deserve a cake as such. I really appreciated the act to think that I once gave him a fish-smelling chocolate for the Valentine’s and a cupcake that turned his teeth into blue. If this was his revenge, then I better think of ridiculous things to make him suffer to. But really, I was thankful.

Thanking the Lord for everything I have achieved and for everything I will achieve in His name. 🙂

I’m going to celebrate my birthday in Singapore from April 24 to April 28 and will continue to do so in Bohol until May 1. I will be back in Manila on May 2 and I might just treat everyone to a good food or souvenirs.

Anyone, if you have ideas where to see good things in Singapore during this week, please do suggest. I’m looking for places which are not too “tourist-y” as we all take pictures on Marina Bay, the Merlion and stuffs. I’d like to break away from those things and explore Singapore in a different level, like locals do. So if you have any suggestions where to eat, where to shop, where to chill, please do post a comment below. I’d really appreciate that.

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