Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Not one, but two! I don’t think I’ll ever come back for the two lower molars. You see, I’m a girl with a really big appetite and when my doctor mentioned soft diet, that was it, I almost broke down.

This surgery has been scheduled since February and I had to bail out every time due to my work schedule and last Saturday, it finally had to go through. I was scared, hell yeah! But when I arrived, I just had to calm myself down before sitting on the chair. My doctor brought in another dentist to do the surgery as she said it was a bit complicated and she might not be able to do it completely.

When the surgery started, I had a dose of anesthesia, and they had to add a little bit more when they were trying to extract the right one. Although everything lasted for just an hour, the dentist who was doing my surgery had a really hard time extracting it.

First, my molars were really deep. Second, my molars were growing horizontally and were not able to cut through my gums. And third, my mouth was really small that the dentist had a hard time finding an access.

My dentist told me to close my eyes while they do the surgery but I couldn’t. It’s as if when I do, I could feel everything they’re doing with my teeth. So I had to open my eyes and observe and constantly ask, “Is it there yet? Is it coming out now? How long?” When they took out the right upper molar, I clapped and they laughed. The left one was really hard. They had a hard time getting it out as I really have a small mouth and my lips are hurting. But thank God, after almost 20 minutes of trying to take it out, the dentist was successful. Though he was sweating real bad. Hehe.

And while sitting there feeling numb and yet pained, I kept on telling myself that I should just think I’m doing this for the Lord in times of persecution or torture. That this surgery was my training to more painful ones next time.

So what happens post-surgery?

My lips are bruised and I have a hard time opening it now. I have to drink antibiotics and pain relievers. The pain relievers are optional. I’m only supposed to drink it if I couldn’t tolerate the pain anymore.

I am not allowed to eat solid foods yet as I have a hard time swallowing. My throat hurts and my face swells. I have to use mouth wash every four hours and apply cold compress 15 minutes before I sleep. The swelling is almost gone in the third day, so does the sore throat. The only problem now is the blisters in my lips which still makes me unable to open it completely. Also, my gums itch like crazy. The online people said it’s a sign of healing, but I have yet to ask my dentist today.

I am going to see her this Saturday and I hope I’ll be okay before my trip to Singapore. If I won’t be, I promise I won’t ever have the lower molars pulled!

Please pray that I won’t get any infections or “dry socket” and the healing process will be fast so I can enjoy on my upcoming trip. Thank you. 🙂

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