Bright and Beautiful

It’s been a month! It’s good to be back.

My laptop has finally decided to give up on me and I can’t make it work for three weeks now. I haven’t brought it to any technicians yet but my friends told me to just let go as it’s 7 years old already. I just need to get my files. It’s worth 7 years of memory!

I’m just thankful that I also have my tab – I was able to watch Korean dramas and entertain myself even though I didn’t have my laptop. I just couldn’t blog though since the touch screen keyboard annoys me to hell. I’m planning to buy a laptop after my Singapore trip this April. Oh geez, my birthday’s coming up. Ahh, one year older again.

Lots and lots of wonderful things have been happening in my life, oh the blessings of the Lord! I’d like to give myself a pat on the back for a job well done! My technical skills have been increasing and I have found joy in programming, thanks to my colleagues who have been helping me and challenging me in terms of programming. I was able to transform 32 scripts into four and was able to tune the performance of the process from 6 hours to 2 hours! Even though there are no “good jobs” from my seniors, I’d still want to tell myself ‘good job!’. Judging from my programming skills, this is a big milestone for me and I felt like crying when the process ran successfully on live. That wouldn’t be possible if there were no prayers as well!

All praises to the Father, all glory and honor to Him.

Looking forward to a seamless activity this March 31. Please pray that everything will be as smooth as the first activity last March 16. TTFN.

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