Hibernating Like A Bear

Yes, it’s Saturday and I consider my Saturdays as the bears’ winter months where they stay in a cave, sleep and hibernate until the cold months are over.

I’ve been waiting for this day this whole week, as I was really looking forward to take a rest and get all those sleep hours I’ve missed due to work. And yes, I did get it – 12 hours – with wonderful wonderful dreams.

Some of my friends are texting to meet up with them, but this is my hibernation day and I don’t want to get up, take a bath and wear nice clothes. I just want to take a rest, watch movie and pig-out (gosh, I lost 8 lbs. from all those work I did). Plus, I need to wash my undies. It’s important! I’ve been calling it off for 2 weeks now and if I don’t wash it today, I have nothing to wear tomorrow. Lol.

No, really, I just need to take a rest today. It’s my lazy day, and I deserve this.

Oh, and I received a thank you card from Victor for pulling three all-nighter last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I should have given him one too, but I’ve already posted on my blog that I was blessed to have worked with him those three days. I’m not sure if he will read it, but I’m betting he won’t. Haha! So maybe I’ll just make him a thank you card too and I hope I won’t forget. But I already made sure that he knows he is appreciated – I’m really being nice to him lately! And to Khalid as well, much much love.

So ciao for now. I will be cooking lunch and start doing my laundry. It would take me awhile to finish.





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