Cheers to a great 2013 and a greater 2014!

Year 2013 for me is probably the best year I had in 22 years. There were a lot of firsts, and mostly milestones. Failures have been minimal and I owe this all to the goodness of the Lord. The setbacks have taught me a lesson or two and have made me opened my eyes to reality. While I lost myself in 2012, I found me this year 2013. I gained a few more pounds and losing some on the way and gaining a few more again. I have been to places I wanted to see since I was a kid and I’d like to think it’s the first travel of many travels in the future. My career is better than what I’ve expected and my faith and love to the Lord has increased 100%.

This entry is a year-ender post – a tradition that I have that’s running for two years now. I gather photos for each month and put it in a collage and highlight the milestones and setbacks for the specific month. And for the past two years, 2013 is probably the best that I’ll ever make. 🙂

JANUARY – Saying goodbye to the heartaches of 2012.


At every start of the year, the church I go to has prayer and fasting week. It lasts for a week and you have options to choose from. At first, I wasn’t really into it as I was scared that I might not go through a day without food. But just a day before it started, while having my quiet time, I came across a verse that urged me to participate.

I was glad to know that my team lead at that time was also going through it, so I didn’t have a hard time. I chose one meal a day (in lunch) and would spend dinner and breakfast time in prayer and reading the Bible. It was so refreshing. I sorted out all my unresolved issues with the Lord which made my 2013 easier and burden-free.

This picture on the left shows how happy we were after the prayer and fasting week. Haha! We went to Nuvali to celebrate a week-long achievement and we spent it buying plants, sitting at the grass, eating at Starbucks and bringing home good foods.

The one on the farthest left, where I am wearing a red blouse was when we visited a Korean restaurant somewhere in Pasig. It’s good to treat and pamper yourself to good food once in awhile, and I’m a sucker for anything Korean. 🙂

FEBRUARY – Stumble and fall, but always remember to get up.


Just thinking about February makes me cry and smile. It was probably one of my most-stressed month. Sweet and bittersweet moments all rolled into one. There were too many weekend works but there were also chill weekends.

My friends and I had a trip to Batangas and spent 3 days and 2 nights there. Although it was in late January, I just had to include it in September. While going home on a Sunday, I had to go directly to office and work again.

The next weekend, when every weekend work was done, we went up to Baguio City to celebrate Penagbenga festival. It was a flower festival and it was my first time to see Baguio. I’ve always wanted to see it as it looks really cool on the movies. It was even more special that my best friend was there with me – wishing to see more dream destinations with her.

The last week of February, if I remember correctly, I went home to Bacolod and spent some time with friends.  It was also the time where I had stumbled and fell and it really really disturbed me. Even though I kept on praying for forgiveness, it felt like my soul did not rest in peace. It went on until March.

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MARCH – I am a woman and I am worth it.


It was international women’s day and Singles@Work had planned an event to go with it – Total Makeover. Read my entry about the event here. As I was struggling with sin in February, I had resolved it on this event. God opened my eyes and heart. In my journey to perfection, I will be overcoming blocks and mountains. Miss Dawn had to endure 10 years of pain to be where she is now, and God just simply showed me that no sin can snatch me away from Him as long as I have a regretful heart. It was indeed, a total-makeover.

On the last week of March, mom had me go home to spend Holy Week with them. My cousin and my brother was game enough to drive with me from Bacolod to Mambucal. It was my first time to drive to Mambucal without adult supervision. It was also my first time to try canooeing in their lake, and it was my first time to try the zip line.

Lots of firsts, huh?

Work-related milestone, hurrah for our first live reclass!! All those stress and effort that we’ve exerted for the past few months have paid off! Yey, hats off to my lead, to the onshore team, and to the people who just became a great part of it! Sleepless nights, sleepless nights.

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APRIL – I’m feeling 22!


April is our birth month – Pepz and I. I turned 22! I had a one-day birthday leave and spent it with my high school friends Cyril, William and Enzo. We had a simple dinner at Mr. Chow and ended up walking around Ayala. Enzo wanted to go to a gay bar, but I had work the next day and I can’t afford to be sleepy or whatsoever.

Pepz and I decided to spend our birthday weekend to Tagaytay with few good friends. This was my first time to visit Tagaytay and I was sooo pleased! We had lunch at Memory Lane and had to take a lot of pictures. The place was really nice and the food is very very affordable.

We also went to Bag of Beans and to People’s Park, I think. We also tried to fly a kite and after many unsuccessful attempts, we finally were able to do so. Hurray for Pepay!

It was a good good month! A lot of reasons to celebrate life. 🙂

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MAY – It never hurts to try.

myIt’s my first time to participate in a project outing and it was nice to just chill out and have fun for 2 days on a weekend. We got so addicted in Xbox that I badly want to buy one.

I also got a free invite to Philippine Fashion Week 2013 and got a ticket to Michael Cinco’s show. I invited to Pearl, my colleague to go with me. His work is elegant and I would die to have it as my wedding gown. It was so intricately designed and the workmanship was beyond flawless. Royalty.

There’s nothing much in May, it was probably my prep-month for my June travel.

My team lead resigned. 😦 But she has good good future ahead! 😀

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JUNE – The happiest person on earth.

jnAnd they said Disney is nothing compared to being in someone’s arms. I tell you, the only person who can say this has not been to Disney yet! It is indeed, the happiest place on earth and I’d like to live there someday! Hahaha!

We spent a four-day vacation in Hongkong and Macau and it was worth the expenses, although I’d still want to nag Mom about the HK tour. We totally left out the best ones. We could’ve bought a train card and just went to wherever, the city tour sucked! We wasted half day going to jewelry stores, merchandise stores etc. Seriously, if we wanted to go shopping, we would have not taken the tour! But past is past.

The Disney part was breathless. I felt like a kid, walking to and fro, trying rides and everything. The Disney fireworks was indeed the highlight. It was so awesome my mother cried.

The Macau tour was better compared to our Hongkong’s. Mom was just not great with immigration though. I don’t know what scared her, but seriously, she even left our passports while we were on tour in Hongkong. We almost went back to our hotel to get those so we can get in Disney. Who leaves passports in hotels?

But anyway, we skipped the fisherman’s wharf and ended up in a Chinese temple and Venetian. Though I really wanted to see the fisherman’s wharf.  They said it looked like little Rome.

That was the first of my many travels in the future. 🙂 Read all my entries for June here.

JULY and AUGUST – Paradise.

augAfter my out of the country escapade, I had my local escapade with my colleagues – to where the white powdery sands are, Boracay.

It was quite a good deal. We only paid 4500php and got the package from a friend of our colleague. Though Dina was MIA and how we wish she was there, we knew for a fact that she’s better there at the land down under. 🙂

It was my first time to try the fly fish and gosh I wanna do it again! Way way way better than banana boat. Pshh.


After the Boracay trip, I went to attend Made for a Purpose spiritual camp with Singles@Work.

There, I met new people, enjoyed serving the Lord, and fell more in love with Him.

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SEPTEMBER – One year!

sepDgroup meetings with these wonderful ladies. Our group turned one year! Hurrah!!

It’s actually good to be a part of a group of people that does not judge but accept you for who you are. 🙂 My family in Manila.

tumblr_msx4x0R0qb1qaq04wo1_400God’s goodness all over in my 2013! I got promoted, from programmer to senior programmer. It was more than I expected. My God is a God of What-else-can-I-not-give!

Read all my September musings here.

OCTOBER – Family quality time.

octOriginal plan was to have a family reunion, but turned out they had other plans so I just went home for Masskara and to see some good ol’ friends.

So mostly this month was just catching up with college friends, and hanging out, I mean, pigging out with the family. My bangs was almost long enough for it to be called fringes, but never mind.

The only Masskara that I went home sober and never touched anything alcoholic. Hurrahhh! I feel like indeed a changed person. 🙂

I don’t know what went wrong with the 2013 Masskara. I wonder if it was us, being working people and all and Masskara was so much fun back in college.. to actually have something to celebrate about because there was only one last semester before we finally graduate so drinking to our heart’s desire was soooo great, or Masskara this year was just plain boring?

Read my October here.

NOVEMBER – Papercuts.


Halloween in the workplace and I love how I look like the evil queen. I’ve always wanted to be the villain in school plays before. But I always get the part of being the script writer or creative director so sue all of you, I’m playing the villain today. I had so much fun making my golden crown and my black cape. Hahaha.

November was mostly eating and seeing places. Pepz family drop by Manila and we spent the weekend showing them around.

The Triangle lights were not as awesome as last year, but it was still great. IHOP wasn’t as tasty as Pancake House but it never hurt to try something else.

And the 4hours chill-out with my female coworkers in Ace Water Spa was indeed relaxing. I hope I can buy a sauna and have it in our house so I can let out the toxins from my body in a regular basis. It would be nice, right?

My heart still goes to the victims of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in all areas of the Philippines. Rebuilding a city will take time, but rebuilding a person will take greater time. I hope these people will keep holding on that there’s more to life. Thank you to each and everyone who extended their help to the victims. May God bless you more. November entries here.

DECEMBER – Shine bright like a diamond.


No words can express how thankful and grateful my heart is to the wonderful Lord, for His goodness, for His wonderful love, and for His mighty being.

Seeing how my 2013 went, I can just cry in happiness and thankfulness for the blessings He has showered not only to me but to my family as well. Indeed, He is the Lord of the already, the Lord of ‘what-else-can-I-not-give’ and above all, He is the Lord of I-died-for-you-because-I-love-you. How can Venus or Eros keep up with Him?

As I close 2013 and open a book in 2014, I pray for passion and desire to seek God more with my all. I look forward to a greater 2014 and to see God’s faithfulness in my life take another level!

I’d like to go back to my 2013 verse in Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Thank you so much for the people who have become a part of my 2013! Thank you so much for testing my patience, for keeping me grounded, for annoying the hell out of me, and for always reminding me that you all have my back. I have yours too. 🙂

Cheers to 2013 and happy dance to 2014! God is so good He gives us another year to make everything right and seek Him more. 🙂

Happy new year everyone! And advance happy new year to my readers/followers who will be celebrating the new year one day late from Philippines. ❤

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